Happening Now! Tomas Maier + UNIQLO

An isostilo find that is kind on your wallet!  Who doesn’t love a collaboration?!  Tomas Maier x UNIQLO just launched so don’t miss out.  Time to enjoy summer with some beach inspired pieces that will have you weekend ready.  Here is everything you need besides the sunscreen and sun hat.

All pics from UNIQLO.  You have to love shopping from the comforts of your own home.  You just have to keep your fingers crossed that what you see online will impress you even more in person!

Urban Gardens That Will Delight You

Here is a Sunday escape post that hopefully will have you marking your calendar for next year: The Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill Annual Tour.  This year, ten gardens and two ribbon gardens (these you could just peek at) were showcased and open to the public with the purchase of a ticket.   A delightful self-led tour that allows you to meander about into the private gardens of this lovely old Boston neighborhood.  Without doing the tour there is no other way that you could experience these hidden gems.  A yellow flag marked each of the homes that awaited your viewing.  This year marked the 90th Anniversary of the tours.  You will forget for a short bit of time that you are in a city.  It is amazing to see how a bit of nature can transform small city spaces into an urban oasis.  Here is a peek at the wonderful charming spaces that were in all their glory!

You see how effortlessly nature folds into the life of Beacon Hill.  The gardens range in size and style but all are functional and inviting.  They all play off each other in the most intimate way.  Modern elements such as a living wall are complimented by the functional qualities of brick and steel backgrounds that make up this landscape.  The old trees with their twisting roots remind you of time.  Small ponds and trickling water create a sense of tranquility.  You wish to have brought a coffee and blanket to just sit and soak in the peacefulness.

The lovely faces along the way.  Such a wonderful afternoon to stroll and march the paths of Beacon Hill.  You should always be a tourist especially in your home town.  This is a charming event that you could easily let years pass without experiencing.  Grab a gal pal, walk the tour, sip coffee, chat, and finish off the afternoon with a tasty lunch on Charles Street.  Beacon Hill Garden Club 


One Pair of Pants 2 Ways OOTD

A pre Memorial Day rule breaker but when you love something there are no rules!

isostilo style

Beacon Hill Garden Tour

Hitting the streets with my gal pal to explore the hidden gems of Beacon Hill. Going bright with a crisp full leg cord trouser paired with a playful navy sweater from Comme des Garcons (a year round piece). Nike Air Max sneakers because who doesn’t wear sneakers these days but also perfect for marching the streets and climbing stairs to view the lovely gardens.  Also CPW is looking pretty good.  I love to be hands free so my Bottega Veneta is really in the mix these days.  Casual afternoon attire with no fuss to enjoy a happy spring day with a friend!

isostilo style

Part 2: With a small window of time to freshen up my look before heading out for an evening with some sweet mamas from my son’s school.  I swapped out the sweater but kept the navy look because I was digging the blue and white combo.  A quick change into a short sleeve solid navy t-shirt and an oversized navy blazer with white dots from Maison Kitsune.  Added a pink lippy for a pop of color to my face.

isostilo style
Marni Marni Marni! A forever piece that will be on repeat.

Mama’s new Marni bag from Mother’s Day.  This clutch was made for me!  When your boys know your style you just get giddy with excitement especially when it is totally unexpected with NO HINTS!  Ready for the night with the just the essentials.  xo

FYI I am a big believer in wearing pieces over and over again.  I love occasionally adding a new piece into the mix.  Life is busy enough and getting dressed should be fun, easy, and no stress!


Accessorize Your Phone With…

iDeal of Sweden offers the chicest and coolest phone covers out there.  A company from Sweden, you know it is going to be good!  Pick a cover that matches your style and your mood.  You never leave home with out your phone.  So why wouldn’t you accessorize it up?!  iDeal of Sweden has you covered with functional and fashionable phone accessories.  It is one more way to be playful with your personal style.

iDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of SwedeniDeal of Sweden

Check out iDeal of Sweden for inspiration!  All pics from iDeal.  I’m going with the tropical vibe since that is my current mood!

Very Smitten With Everlane!

Reasons why you should love Everlane: They are a company committed to quality, design, and have partnered with ethical factories around the world. Everlane is transparent with every garment on their website.  They are leading the way by offering fashionable goods with a conscience!

Air Oversized Crew in 4 colors
Linen Muscle Tank in 4 colors
Bodysuit in 4 colors
Cotton Mockneck Tee in 6 colors
Linen Shirt Dress in 4 colors
High Rise Skinny 5 colors
Wide Leg Crop in 9 colors
Twill Zip Tote in 3 colors
Day Glove in 6 colors
Day Heel in 10 colors
100% Human Tee in 2 colors

Everlane holds nothing back in delivering essential pieces for the wardrobe.  When you are looking for your wardrobe staples, don’t want fast fashion, and don’t want to spend a fortune but you want quality then take a peek at Everlane!  The jeans are raved about along with their everyday flats.  But the t-shirts are sure winners.  I am consistently hunting for the perfect white t-shirt.  Every summer there is need to replace the old dingy ones.  Everlane is the answer!  (all pics from Everlane)

Mother’s Day

Funny how slowing down gives you time to reflect and can make you question everything but also appreciate the obvious especially with Mother’s Day here.

My mother is my inspiration.  She is my dear friend and someone I admire.  My mom is truly happy with everything.  She takes each day as it comes to her and she never complains.  She takes nothing for granted and holds on to her family and friends like gold.  She is kindhearted by nature and truly a gift.  I look at my mother for who she is.  I never want her to be someone else.  She is stunning and when I look at her face it tells me a story .  A story that I am part of.  Each wrinkle represents something.  Gosh she has raised two children and it wasn’t easy.  So her beautiful face comes with a lifetime of experiences.  My mom has wrinkles of love that reflect the worries and the laughter from her children and sweet grandchildren.  She has a face of a warrior who has beaten cancer twice.  She has a face that loves her husband more than anything (well at times he is competing with Bentley, their dog).  She has spent too much time in the sun without a sun hat or sunscreen.  My point is that I never look at her and wish she would perfect herself because there is nothing to perfect.  I cherish her story with absolute acceptance.  I hope that my son will always look at me the same way and always see our never ending journey together.

Mother's Day

This is personal but I know I am not alone.  I have conversations all the time with friends about aging and about not trying to fight it but at the same time how to feel our best and not feel so consumed by it.  For the time being, I am taking the path of what I value and appreciate about myself.  I will hunt for ways to help me along the way.  Maybe there is a magic cream that can just ease and slow down the aging process.  If anyone finds the magic cocktail, please share it with me.

I wish I had been more diligent in my youthful days about the sun.  Truth be told I do love to be a bit sun-kissed!  But I am setting goals for myself and those are what I am chasing.  How do we find the right amount of balance for ourselves? How much are willing to intervene with what is a natural process when it comes to aging?  I am not really sure but there has to be something in the middle that can keep us aging gracefully in a time where there is a fix for everything.  I mean getting old and aging is inevitable. Maybe just changing our focus and looking through a different lens can be more powerful than we think? What do you think?

Mother's Day
Stripes and Smiles!

I write this on Mother’s Day because it seems appropriate.  I wish for all woman to fully embrace themselves and to travel the path that is best for you not the expectation that society has set.  Let’s take care of ourselves and support one another. Share stories and find ways to celebrate each other.  Happy Mother’s Day and cheers to all the woman and moms who inspire us.  Please share how you maintain your healthy glow!  xo

Simple Saturday Style

I’m coming at you today while chillin at home with my simple go to uniform on this rainy Saturday.  A style that is also ready for an outing by just sliding into a pair of kicks.  Keeping it low-key just like a Saturday should be with just three basic pieces.  EFFORTLESS!  What is your go to look?

Happy Saturday

Men’s Lacoste cardigan (men’s for a bit more oversized fit), white tee from Everlane (super soft and moves with you), Simon Miller denim (go to denim)