I must have all those special people on my mind for the holidays. It is not always easy to find the perfect little something for those you may have on your list.   Luckily, I have Milk House Chocolates on the top of my favorite gems to share.   Thornecrest Farm &  Milk House Chocolates is nestled away in the small town of Goshen, CT.  Why I love this gem is simple: It is owned and operated by the Thorn family who are dedicated to keeping their cows happy, stress free, and loved (don’t we all wish for this!).  The cows live in a beautiful barn that is pristine and peaceful with fields to wander.  The beautiful setting, the compassion, love and creativity seems to be the perfect recipe for artisan chocolates and fresh milk.  The chocolate is made in the same barn and displayed in a sweet little storefront.  Over the past few years I have come to know Kimberly Thorn, the baker behind the chocolates.  She is sweet, welcoming, humble and appreciative of all those who find their way to her beautiful shop. I am a fan and I love feeling connected to people who share their passion with others.  If only I had one milk chocolate truffle to pop into my mouth at this moment!