Handsfree Baby!

Sometimes I love being handsfree to run around the city. I like feeling free from all the useless stuff that I tend to chuck in all my other bottomless handbags. Call it a  fanny- pack if you wish but it happens to be a treasured Christmas gift from my husband two years ago.  Man does he know my style.  I may have hinted at it but ultimately he had to hunt it down and he had the last say.  Fortunate for me he has a great eye and totally understands the questions I ask myself with such wishes.  Is it timeless for me and is it something that I will use now and for years to come.  YES, YES and YES. I adore my Marni bag because it is simple, well designed, limited hardware, a year round piece and love the leather for it’s durability.  The caramel color with the contrasting black nylon belt nails it for me.  It is easy to wear and goes with everything in my closet.  It is functional with enough space for my essentials (iphone, lippie, credit card and keys). It makes me smile whenever I have the opportunity to “strap it on” (wait…that sounds weird 😉

Oh my Marni I do love you!