All Bark!

Once a year, typically around Thanksgiving,  you can get your hot little hands on Williams Sonoma’s  Peppermint Bark.  It is a one pound tin of happiness!  And for the really indulgent, you can purchase a two pound tin.  I wouldn’t dare.  The thing is, you find yourself reaching into the tin throughout the two weeks leading up to Christmas and into the New Year.  After that you need the year long break.  You don’t miss it and you need some space never mind the added calories.  The first layer is a special blend of Guittard Chocolate mixed with a high quality peppermint.  Then comes the second layer, white chocolate topped with bits of homemade candy cane.  This combination creates a little bite of heaven.  It is perfectly balanced with a nice crunch.  I pick off the candy cane and go for the straight up chocolate layers.  We give this gift to those afar and they are addicted!  It is the perfect gift for a party host, a child’s teacher, or for anyone with a sweet tooth.  If you’re not a peppermint fan than you’re out and have no chance of joining the club.  Happy Holidays!

Peppermint Bark
Holiday goodness!