Pick Your Kicks

I am a kicks kinda girl!  Dress them up, down, what ever your mood.  Come on, sneakers are the most comfortable option out there!   Why not have them be hip and fun for that instant style boost (no adidas pun here)?  I have found a few pairs to share that do just that.  I would love to wear any of these flipping kicking kicks anytime/anywhere.  I can give you my isostilo word that the the adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost X MID are just as amazing on the foot as they are on the eye.  A slip on sneaker with metallic gold and blue knit complimented with a silver tone had me at first glance.  Icing on the cake was that they fit like a glove and felt like a slipper!  They are now the newest addition to my closet.  Will be worn with skirts, leggings, and cropped denims.  So here is isostilo’s sneaker porn round up:)  By the way, this is a starter list!

for the unicorn lover in you pic source: nike.com
classic and simple pic source: nike.com
knit I say more pic source: http://www.adidas
break these pretty pink ladies out when the sidewalks are cleared: pic source adidas.com
seriously I’m not taking them off pic source: adidas.com
cherry bomb pic source: vans.com
HO17_XGirl_MadeMe_0015 (1)
waiting for these fat laced patent leather goodies to drop TODAY! pic source: vans.com vans + mademe and x- girl

If your in the mood to shop then here you go:


Featured image pic source: Vans