Sweet Little Ones on My Mind

Funny how special people, places, and curiosity can subconsciously draw your eye to something.   I enjoy strolling the city.   Sometimes I pop into places to take a peek with no mission.  Mostly I gravitate to small, owner operated shops but large, grand department stores also have their special place and purpose.  Since starting this blog,  I have been looking back at photos that I have taken on my iPhone.  I have rounded up a fun collection of gift ideas for young hearts.  I have four darling little nieces, two handsome little nephews, one adorable son, and lots of sweet girls and boys in my life.  So that explains it!  xo

Favorite activity of the holiday season!
Oh Panda
Little hands, little mouths (Willey Boston)
Guess What I'm Doing?
Look at me! (MFA)
Little Friends
Little friends for those little hands (Willey Boston)
Tiny Ones
Awwww (Portobello Road)
The stork! (Gray Mist)
Happy Mouse
A sweet friend to take along on the adventure
Learning Center
Fun ways to learn (MIT)
The Future
I am a robot
Big Girls
Arm fun (Covet +  Lou)
Fun Accessories
Blast off ! Love these pin accessories (Gray Mist)
Sweet Finds
Vroom Vroom
Special collections
Love the idea of creating a gift that becomes a forever gift

Shops to think about popping into when you are in Boston: ICA Boston, MFA, Portobello Road, Covet + Lou, Tiffany & Co., MIT Museum and Willey Boston.  All of them have a wonderful selection of children’s gifts.