The Crown Escape

Here is something perfect for you to do when you are trying to escape the frigid temperatures of New England! Or you just want to kick back and wait for 2018 to ring in!

Netflix is simply brilliant! The material they are delivering with their original content series could keep you in lock down for weeks.  Imagine having one weekend of a “staycation” with your refrigerator stocked, shades drawn and phone off except for access to your food delivery app.  Then you kick back in your sweats and go head to head with a mega Netflix marathon of binge watching.  That would be amazing!  Actually I have been there and know others too.  Seriously, to give you a whole season in one drop is a total gift!  Do you binge watch or do you spread them out?

Netflix just dropped The Crown, Season Two.  The Crown is a drama series taking you through the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  Queen Elizabeth takes the throne at age 25.  Her character takes you into her world of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.  The series draws you in immediately through the characters.  You find yourself immersed in the history of Great Britain and into the intricate world of the Royal family while trying to comprehend how a 25-year-old woman becomes Queen of England.

Family drama, weak men in her government, and infidelity surround the young Queen as she takes on the monarchy.  Her younger sister, Princess Margaret, is fascinating in every sense.  She is glamorous, charming, explosive, a bit scandalous and rebellious all in the search of love that would ultimately need The Queen’s approval.  Princess Margaret has my attention.  The Crown represents a time and place in history that I find myself wanting to click my heels and magically visit.  I love the fashion, the cars, the glamour, the lifestyle, and the societal norms.  So The Crown, Season Two has been released.  We are watching one epi at a time.  I want it to last!  Will there be a Season Three? I’m afraid to know and a year is dreadfully long to wait.

Fun fact: The most expensive tv series ever made! 130 million for Season One

Pic sources are all originally from Netflix but found though the web