Monday Inspiration

Wishing for dreamy viewing than check out my new latest Netflix love, Chef’s Table.  So far it has been an amazing and inspiring series about six of the world’s greatest chefs.  I have traveled to Italy, the North West corner of Massachusetts, Patagonia, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Sweden.  The cinematography is beautiful, the authenticity of the chefs is heart grabbing, and the food is revolutionary.  I’m in love with Massimo Buttura and his electric personality!

Chef Massimo!

Need more inspiration than check out My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, a once a month interview with David Letterman and a global leader that is sure to inspire.  First interview is with President Barack Obama.  Enough said!  The interview is one on one on an open stage with no band and no distractions.  David Letterman is back and better than before with a personal style he is enjoying.  Check out the beard!

Definitely no introduction is needed!

Dreamy reading inspiration.  Enjoy The New York Times recently released 52 Places to Go in 2018. Always amazed with the beauty that world has to offer.  Happy browsing!