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Very excited for my lips to have a refreshing splash of color for the winter months.  I want a quick hint of color with that au naturel look!  The EVE LOM Kiss Mix  is moisturizing with a soft sheen.  I have been wearing it on its own and as a base for my two new lipsticks from LIPSTICK QUEEN.

Eden is a fab semi sheer red.  Baby steps towards approaching a true red.  I love that it is moisturizing with a pop of color.  Perfect for an evening night out.  Golden box number two, The Saint Coral, is the perfect everyday lipstick.  A pale nude with a hint of brown.  My day time look is natural and no fuss.  Lip gloss is as fancy as I typically get.  So to find a lipstick to wear during the day while running around has been a score.  Maybe 2018 will have me branching out a little more in the makeup world.  Especially after watching The Crown.  Margaret’s makeup is so moody and glamorous!  I’m thinking a lesson or two first would be wise to avoid looking like the joker.

Did you know? Lipstick Queen was founded by Poppy King an eighteen year old at the time from Melbourne Australia, who couldn’t find her perfect lipstick.  There you have it!