Spotify + BORNS = Repeat Please

Garrett Borns
Rocking a Gucci suit with the contrasting classic web stripes (Give me the jacket!)

Loving every song and every beat.  It is electric, groovy, sexy, and dreamy.  Borns newest album, Blue Madonna is all about love and romance.  It is so 60s and 70s baby!  The Gucci suit says it all!  The Michigan native, Garrett Borns is touring and selling out.  I will be seeing him at the House of Blues in Boston on February 11th (Valentine’s Day gift is coming early:).  I’m hooked and reading up on this hot 20 something year old that is having his much deserved moment in the spot light.  Check out this article from Nylon.

BTW when Garrett Borns moved to LA, he moved into a tree house which became his permanent home.  Need I say more?!  Fascinating!

Photo credit: Official Website of BORNS