Crocs And Chocolate Oh My

Say what (I need another coffee for this one)!  Balenciaga and Crocs?!  My dad has been rocking the Crocs for years.  So I am trying to get my head around the fashion hype over the $850 Balenciaga Platform Crocs (apparently already sold out).  Only available in two colors, pink or sand.  BTW this is not a first for Crocs to have their dubbed up footwear strutted on the runway.  The last two years Christopher Kane led the way with them.  Is this cool or absolutely ridiculous?  Maybe a fashion hack is an option if you can’t get your hot little fingers (not possible) on them at Barneys, Saks, and other high-end retailers.  Best of luck!

Balenciaga X Crocs (pic from Vogue)

Read the Vogue article here or read on about my new tasty indulgence, Royce Chocolates.

I do not have much of sweet tooth.  I prefer savory.  But my husband was away and sweetly came home with a gift for me from Japan.  The package had me interested.  He handed me a neatly folded, cool, subtle silver package with a tiny Royce’ sticker that closed the package.  Inside were two beautiful boxes filled with tiny squares of chocolates.  I eventually took a nibble and thought at first I would share them with my chocolate loving husband (I was also thinking this was a gift to himself).  Lets just say I WILL NOT BE SHARING.  The tiny golden square dusted with chocolate melted in my mouth.  Boxes are hidden and I am keeping an inventory.




This high quality, indulgent chocolate was founded in Sapporo in 1983.  The art of Japanese chocolate must be experienced and now Royce’ chocolates can be ordered online in the U.S.  I just learned that I can visit their Boston store for a quick shopping pick me up!  But for now I will savor every nugget of heaven.  Here is another Valentine’s Day gift idea:)