Sweetest Surprise!

Wearing It Proudly
New Arm Candy

Look at what the snail mail just delivered to me.  I can’t recall the last time I received an unexpected package in the mail. I will say it was so heart warming to receive an out of the blue gift from a friend.  She had given me a little heads up but I had no idea what would follow.  A small box from M.Flynn, a local jewelry store located in Boston’s South End, had landed on my doorstep.  I opened it up and a huge smile came over my face and the thought bubble of “wow, she really thinks I like this guy!” The bracelet read to me as ASIF which is my husband’s name.  Ha! But it is meant to read AS IF.  I’m a bit slow on the draw.  My new piece of arm candy will be worn proudly all the while thinking of my husband and a sweet friend!  The thought of someone thinking about you when you’re not in their company is such a wonderful feeling.  Here’s to friendship!! xo

Bracelet:  Venessa Arizaga