isostilo style

Funny how something unexpected can spark your style creativity.  I am inspired by the Japanese styled Kit Kat packaging.  It is no secret the Japanese have killer style and a killer eye for every little detail.  I’m becoming a fan of adding some pop of color to my style.  I am raiding my closet and playing with new and old pieces.  It is my new challenge, making old feel new again!  Get ready for occasional posts focused on my “closet style”.  To keep your real estate, you must be worn!

isostilo style
Kit Kat Inspiration!
My Indoor House Party Slides
Ruffles For Anytime
Bring On The Closet Challenge

Blouse:  Loving the green (thxs Kit Kat box for the reminder)!  This is an old blouse purchased from a small shop on The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes) in Amsterdam.  I remember purchasing this top before motherhood (12 years ago, yikes!) thinking it was feminine with the ruffles while falling in love with the deep green color.  It is now a vintage Luella blouse.  Paired with a high-waisted denim.

Slides:  I took a risk last winter on a these Tomas Maier slides.  They were a final sale purchase off Net A Porter .  I bought them thinking they would become my indoor house slides for when we had guests over.  They fell into the closet vortex.  Welcome back!  They made their reappearance during a family celebration we hosted for my father in law’s birthday.

isostilo style:  I tend to wear a simple everyday uniform but I like to hunt for timeless pieces that I can pull out for those fun occasions.