Loods 5 , Amsterdam

Take a short drive out of Amsterdam to explore Loods 5, a massive furniture store located in a warehouse setting.  You can find everything you need for your home.  It has a similar feel to an Ikea with its grand space but with a pop up esque feel offering everything from Eames to local designers.  Loods 5 is a place to draw inspiration.  I love how they create themed spaces.  Have a coffee and a bite then stroll along to explore everything from furniture, home accessories, to your everyday lifestyle needs.  You will find something to walk away with and you will leave with fun ideas to spruce up your space!  One stop shopping baby at it’s best.

Here are a few examples of larger furnishings that speaks to the Dutch shoppers (me included!) and what is currently trending.  Loods 5 showcases many lines but here are a few recognizable designers that I explored: Eames, Hay, Muuto, Vitra, Fermob and their own in-house line, Design 5.


Spent hours just strolling the endless home accessories.  Why is it that when one travels you marvel at others offerings?  I always find myself saying “we just don’t have this at home!)  The truth is I really do hunt out places and stores to experience when I travel.  I welcome the opportunity to actually touch and see those finds that I have admired from a far (online).  I also like to understand the aesthetic that speaks to that culture.  I get inspired by other people and the way of life that can be so different from my day-to-day.  So I was snapping away while in Loods 5.  It doesn’t mean I have to buy or replicate it.  It just means I appreciate another lens to look through when comes style.

Having experienced Amsterdam with a new-born, I had immediately fell in love with the Dutch aesthetics for children.  I grew an appreciation for their parenting styles, family Sunday rituals of spending time in a park, to only needing the necessary gadgets to survive those young years.  I still have a soft spot for the lovely, sweet, and well designed children’s furniture, toys, and accessories that are found in Holland.  I have held on to all the Dutch treasure that I collected for my son.  They hold memories of a time and place for me.  So exploring the curated pieces of Loods 5 for children made me smile!

Check out Loods 5!