Peanuts For Spring!

Walked into Essentiel Antwerp, a men’s and women’s clothing store from Antwerp (not that the name doesn’t give it away).  At the moment they are having some fun with a Peanuts collaboration.  One can swing a snoopy bag to bring a basic outfit to life or flirt in a Peanuts inspired skirt.  I am always delighted to see a fun side of fashion.  The store is full of bright and colorful pieces.  Spring is knocking on the door in this store.  It is so refreshing to experience something different but wearable at the same time.  Essentiel Antwerp will bring out your inner playfulness!  I Love It!!


A few pics for the men.  But you get a sense of their style.  I’m digging the plaid pants.  Here’s a peek!

Essentiel Antwerp for your online browsing pleasure if you wish!