Feel Good About Your Basket and Net Bags!

Basket bags mean one thing: ease!  They are a perfect classic summer accessory.  A bag that will compliment your nautical or city style.  When the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms begin to bloom, start preparing yourselves for warmer days and lighter accessories.  Straw bags can range from simple to well decorated.  They also come in every handbag style.  These simple and functional bags set the tone for a laid back, easygoing vibe that we all tend to favor during the summer months.   Baskets bags are fun, versatile, and perfect for strolling around a seaside village or walking around a farmers market.

Basket Bag
Found a gem when I was in Florida.
Basket Bags
Colorful handmade baskets.
Basket Bags
The baskets are made from river grass and have leather wrapped handles for durability and comfort.
Handmade Baskets
Johns Jungle African Market Baskets sell beautiful handmade basket bags from Ghana

These beautiful handmade baskets are made with love from the women of the Bolgatanga communities trying to make a difference for themselves and their families.  The funds from these bags help provide health care, school supplies, and community buildings for the weavers and their families.   The baskets are stunning in person and no two are identical.  Truly works of art!  Please check out Johns Jungle African Market Baskets  if you fancy a basket bag or baskets for your home.

Net Bag
A sweet little something for your essentials!
Net Bag
Net bags are eco-friendly, simple, useful, and inexpensive

Net bags are all the rage!  Time to get on board with this trend.  They are a perfect city bag alternative for holding just your essentials.  The net bag makes for a great last minute accessory to throw in your suitcase for a weekend away.  An easy way to have some fun with a trending piece.  My hot pink find costs $12.00! You can opt for a fancy designer stamped one or anything in between.  But we can’t ignore how fun they are for summer!

Summer Essentials
Ready for summer!

Hands up for earth and wallet friendly purchases!  They both are on trend (bonus).  I love them for their care free nature.  They are isostilo style!   Time to swing into longer and lighter days!

Check out Eco Bags for inexpensive options for the string bag.