Refugee, A Book To Read!

Over the past few years I have joined my mother-in-law in attending the UNICEF Boston Lunch Series.  Today, Alan Gratz, the author of Refugee was the guest speaker.  He believes that our children will be the change makers.  They are the future.  He is absolutely correct.  Alan spoke about his book and the power of putting a face to a story.  That is how the power of change can begin.  How else can we begin to connect to the statics and reports that we see daily in the news.  I consider myself fortunate to be living a happy and healthy life with no true problems in comparison to what a refugee experiences.  What is my part?  What can I do?

I can start by sharing this book.  It is a book that we as adults should pick up and read.  It is a book that needs to be shared with our children.  Alan wrote this book for children, primarily for the middle school years.  The stories in the book are real experiences of refugees.  I am greatly appreciative of his commitment to educating our children though his books.  Educating ourselves on what is happening around us and beyond is a beginning.  Our future depends on our efforts.  We can do more and we can do better.  We need to care.

I am looking forward to experiencing Refugee with my eleven year old son.  I am so happy to share that my son already knew of the book and has dug right into it.  Exposure is critical followed by conversation.  Alan shared with me that the audio version is also a powerful way to experience his book.




Words from today: Powerful, Compassion, Empathy, Question, Educate, Open your minds, Care

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