Mother’s Day

Funny how slowing down gives you time to reflect and can make you question everything but also appreciate the obvious especially with Mother’s Day here.

My mother is my inspiration.  She is my dear friend and someone I admire.  My mom is truly happy with everything.  She takes each day as it comes to her and she never complains.  She takes nothing for granted and holds on to her family and friends like gold.  She is kindhearted by nature and truly a gift.  I look at my mother for who she is.  I never want her to be someone else.  She is stunning and when I look at her face it tells me a story .  A story that I am part of.  Each wrinkle represents something.  Gosh she has raised two children and it wasn’t easy.  So her beautiful face comes with a lifetime of experiences.  My mom has wrinkles of love that reflect the worries and the laughter from her children and sweet grandchildren.  She has a face of a warrior who has beaten cancer twice.  She has a face that loves her husband more than anything (well at times he is competing with Bentley, their dog).  She has spent too much time in the sun without a sun hat or sunscreen.  My point is that I never look at her and wish she would perfect herself because there is nothing to perfect.  I cherish her story with absolute acceptance.  I hope that my son will always look at me the same way and always see our never ending journey together.

Mother's Day

This is personal but I know I am not alone.  I have conversations all the time with friends about aging and about not trying to fight it but at the same time how to feel our best and not feel so consumed by it.  For the time being, I am taking the path of what I value and appreciate about myself.  I will hunt for ways to help me along the way.  Maybe there is a magic cream that can just ease and slow down the aging process.  If anyone finds the magic cocktail, please share it with me.

I wish I had been more diligent in my youthful days about the sun.  Truth be told I do love to be a bit sun-kissed!  But I am setting goals for myself and those are what I am chasing.  How do we find the right amount of balance for ourselves? How much are willing to intervene with what is a natural process when it comes to aging?  I am not really sure but there has to be something in the middle that can keep us aging gracefully in a time where there is a fix for everything.  I mean getting old and aging is inevitable. Maybe just changing our focus and looking through a different lens can be more powerful than we think? What do you think?

Mother's Day
Stripes and Smiles!

I write this on Mother’s Day because it seems appropriate.  I wish for all woman to fully embrace themselves and to travel the path that is best for you not the expectation that society has set.  Let’s take care of ourselves and support one another. Share stories and find ways to celebrate each other.  Happy Mother’s Day and cheers to all the woman and moms who inspire us.  Please share how you maintain your healthy glow!  xo