Hallelujah for this beauty necessity!  We all sweat and the au naturale doesn’t cut it ladies at least not with the pits.  I am always on the hunt for an all natural deodorant that performs and that is skin friendly.  A healthy lifestyle goes beyond exercise and what we eat.  What we put on our skin is equally important.  A friend shared LAVANILA with me sometime ago but I just got around to giving it a swipe.  The sport luxe solid stick is amazing!  Tried, true, and tested from my everyday strolling to breaking a sweat in the gym along with city temps in the 90’s.  LAVANILA is an all natural solid stick with no aluminum, no harsh chemicals, and no parabens.  The Sport Luxe is clean with a slight sweet scent.  Big fan here! Pretty website to boot as well as an interesting underarm detox mask (never knew this was a thing).

image from LAVANILA