Icon Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is a style icon and a timeless beauty.  A woman who inspires and encourages all women to live their life they way they want to live it.  She is strong-willed, determined, and has a true sense of self.  Her recent cover for UNCONDITIONAL magazine reminds us all that she is.  Lauren’s style appears effortless, simple, tasteful, and youthful.  She is aging gracefully and exudes a strength that is inspiring.  You quickly realize that her outward beauty truly reflects her inner beauty.  Yes, Lauren happens to be wearing Celine and other high fashion brands in this shoot layered over a casual and perfectly worn in vintage Levi’s and a Hanes t-shirt.   But ultimately her smile and energy define her spot on style.

UNCONDITIONAL is a modern magazine highlighting women celebrating who they are and sharing their beauty in so many different ways.  Also, the fashion woven throughout is pretty amazing in a subtle and thoughtful way that doesn’t distract you. Waiting for the next edition!