Cool- Girl Claire Foy


Claire Foy just kicks ass!  Her style from head to toe is so on point.  She is rebellious in her look and unconventional in the best way.  The hair, the eyes, the fresh face, the triple earrings are delivered with confidence.  She is far from boring or ordinary in the latest issue of Vogue.  If there is one hair style that could get me back to the salon, it would be this one.  I would cop her style in an instant!  But I just chopped and bleached my hair blonde (poor timing).  She is stunning in her Vogue shoot.  Claire’s style is edgy, chic, raw, and feminine.  It’s in a league of its own.

We all know Claire from the The Crown (simply brilliant!).  I cannot wait to see her upcoming movie, The Girl In The Spider’s Web, but in the mean time I will head to see her in First Man.  Read about Claire Foy in Vogue’s latest issue.  It is a nice read to enjoy while sipping something warm.  (images from Vogue)