Vote Like A Mother

Discovering Vote Like A Mother on insta had me googling the website and I immediately felt inspired, encouraged, and curious about a movement that began organically by one mom, Sara Berliner.  Here is the mission straight from Vote Like A Mother’s website:

“I started Vote Like a Mother to make parenthood a lens for politics. To promote voting with empathy, kindness, and ferocity. To amplify women’s voices and efforts. And to provide parents with opportunities to contribute, recognizing that we all have something to give — be it time, money, or a platform.”

“When I think about voting like a mother, I think about improving our world locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. When you bring the concepts of care and respect into the voting booth, when your purpose is to build rather than to tear down, you’re voting like a mother. There are lots of people that fit this description. Adoptive parents, stepparents, families of choice, trans people, guardians, aunties, grandmas — it’s about purpose, and about shared values of acceptance, equity, justice, and love.”

The most important action at this moment is exercising your right to vote.  Mid term elections are happening and in many places early voting is underway.  Spreading the word, encouraging others, and inviting others to join you to vote should be all our goals.  Voting is your voice.  My neighbor sent me a text to join her for early voting.  We strolled, we chatted, and we voted.  Yes, I would have gone regardless but going with a friend was a bonus and seizing the free moment to act felt good.  I am hoping a few posts and my new Vote Like A Mother sweatshirt will encourage others to get out and vote.  Perhaps you will also find other ways to get involved but voting is a priority!

Vote Like A Mother

Vote Like A Mother is a great resource and maybe it will speak to you.  Meanwhile I will be wearing my heart on my sleeve.  No, you don’t need to buy the sweatshirt or tee shirt.  But if you do, 100% of the profits are donated to mom run nonprofits.  Thank you to Vote Like A Mother for your efforts, platform, and spreading encouragement.  Your passion is real and it is kind.  It is contagious.  TOGETHER WE VOTE and TIME TO VOTE LIKE A MOTHER.  I DID!

information on early voting dates and locations for Massachusetts