Midweek Cooking With The Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Let’s talk Instant Pot.  Every week I come across recipes dedicated to the Instant Pot.  So many recipes for this one pot wonder.  I would categorize most of them as comfort food  making the fall and winter months a bit more belly warming.  It just comes down to what your taste buds fancy on any given day.  Full disclosure: I was not down with the Instant Pot but I also don’t care for microwaves or kitchen equipment with manuals unless they really deliver.  But my husband took this matter into his own hands and it has transformed the way he cooks.  It is his gadget and he is the one cooking up a storm with one tasty meal after another.  Every dish has been flavorful, moist, and perfectly executed with the exception of one Shrimp Biryani dish.  Grocery shopping and prepping the ingredients seems to be the only time-consuming part.  So yes the Instant Pot is worth the small investment and space on the counter especially when something gives a person enthusiasm to cook and experiment.

You can buy the Instant Pot online from Amazon and have it tomorrow.  Also check out Williams Sonoma for some good information on this new gadget.  Love NYT Cooking for some really good recipes.  You will need subscribe but you won’t be disappointed!