Get Creative, Get Personal With Converse

Here is gift idea that may be perfect for someone on your list!  The Blank Canvas bar at Converse’s Lovejoy Wharf, Boston is fantastic.  Being able to customize your own sneakers is super cool and super fun!  I recently experienced the process with my nieces and nephew designing their Chuck Taylor’s for their Christmas presents.  The process is a DIY project that is creative, interactive, and a great activity for all ages.  It is your chance to put your own personal stamp on your sneakers.  Cool right?!

First you pick your sneaker then you can customize everything down to the grommets.  The staff is helpful navigating you through the process.  There are iPads loaded with different prints and design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Depending on how busy the bar is you may be able to walk out with your freshly personalized kicks or simply have them shipped.  If you don’t have a Blank Canvas near you then you can customize online.  

Check out an earlier post for a bit more detail on the store if you are interested.