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One of my many goals is to read more this year.  Let me state that my preferred shopping will always be with small independent book stores first!

It is no wonder that Amazon is the empire it has become.  From their bold early vision of a limitless online bookstore to the giant they are today, Amazon has always embraced the mantra of putting the customer at the center of everything they do. Today, in a rather ironic twist, Amazon is inviting those customers into a physical store that sells (of all things) books. Say what?

I recently experienced amazon books.  I wanted to see for myself what all the hoopla was about.  The mere fact that Amazon is opening brick and mortar bookstores is worth a peek.  Upon entering the store it was obvious that Amazon did their homework and have dialed into a great consumer experience.  The staff is friendly but not overbearing.  The space is laid out in an Apple store sorta way.  It just makes absolute sense with no confusion.  All books are front facing with rating cards and reviews .  So smart, so easy, and absolutely genius!  All sections are clearly marked at the top and are in plain view.  Being able to see all the covers of the books invites you to browse, but more importantly, clearly see the titles of the books.  There is no difficult searching or awkward body positions while you try to kneel down to read the sides of the books that are just lined up by the hundreds. amazon books is making it as easy as possible for shoppers while offering a well curated selection of books.

The store is not huge so it creates a more intimate setting.  A large coffee shop ( serving Peet’s Coffee) is tucked into in the middle of the store so one can grab a drink and sit down at one of the large communal tables to browse their finds.  Overall a lovely experience.  Books appear like candy.  Everything looks more intriguing and eye-catching.  I will say judging a book by its cover in this case opens your eyes to spotting a book you may not have otherwise noticed!

Amazon Fact:  Amazon curates their book selections from their online sales, customer ratings, customer feedback, and popularity off goodreads.