My Simple Facial Routine

I have been fortunate thus far with no major skin issues except dryness, sun spots, and of course wrinkles. I enjoy the occasional facials but really no lasting benefits other than it feels great with an after glow that lasts for a week. One needs to continue the process at home for lasting results. Slowly I have made changes. Adopting a new routine is just like keeping active and eating healthy. Soon it becomes your new normal. Do your best and find a good dermatologist.

Here is a new facial routine that proves to be working(for me).

Facial razor, YES! I love it and do it once a month. Results are amazing! I don’t like waxing. It feels too harsh. I have light peach fuzz (who doesn’t?!). There it is, a lady razor. Watch a YouTube video if you are curious.

A twice a week facial scrub proves to be a benefit. Washing my face twice a day is a game changer (duh!). A cleanser and face cream both from TATCHA now sit on my bathroom counter. Love them both for delivering a soft and dewy glow. Eye cream for mornings and night. Bleaching cream for my dark spots is actually working. Vitamin C also added to the cocktail. Sunscreen ALL THE TIME. Nothing fancy with this routine. But committed.

TATCHA products (face wash & face cream), OLEHENRIKSEN (eye cream), CAUDALIE (scrub), and Supergoop (sunscreen) all can be found at Sephora, Razors, Bleaching Cream and Vitamin C (both recommended from my dermatologist)

Also swapping in Drunk Elephant products for travel. I will let you know how I like it. Always good to change it up. TATA HARPER (face cream) is also nice. See earlier post if you missed it.