A Peachy Treat

Summer is officially not over. At the moment New England is in its sweet spot for delivering tasty candy like treats that are ripe for the picking. Apple picking season is not yet there but peaches and nectarines certainly are waiting for you. The crowds are light and perhaps your next free weekend will take you back into nature. Picking your own fruit just may be a lovely window of time worth carving out and your efforts. A fun outing for all.

Nothing better than fresh fruit to snack on, diced up for your morning yogurt bowl, or simply sliced to accompany your cheese board. I was planning to make a compote but there was no need for any extra effort. Best on their own!

We enjoyed visiting C.N. Smith Farm located in the South Shore just around 30 minutes from Boston. It felt like a boutique orchard. So not too big and plenty of guided assistance as you walk around the farm.