An Important Topic That Can’t Be Ignored

Vaping is an epidemic. I just learned a great piece of advice which I am going to share with you. We need to start flipping the conversation with our children about the things they should do, not saying the things they shouldn’t do. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is doing a series dedicated to the vaping epidemic. For one of his installments, he took a very personal and close to home approach by sitting down with his three daughters and their teenage friends to talk about vaping. I highly recommend watching this short clip. Just by listening to our children is far more powerful than you think.

Immediately after watching the video, I looked up Real Talk with Dr. Offutt, an interactive teen health resource that is part of this special installment. A safe place for youth to access accurate information and answers to todays difficult topics. Being a teenager is not easy and parenting is equally as challenging. Real Talk with Dr. Offutt is also great resource for parents. We must know what are children are wrestling with during their teenage years. We can only guide them if we are aware of the challenges they are facing.

To be very honest, while spending just a short bit of time on this website, I couldn’t help but feel a pit in my stomach about the obstacles kids today are trying to navigate. If I close an eye and pretend that my child won’t have any of these obstacles is simply not reality. Being knowledgable and having awareness will help me support my son. We won’t always have the answers but we need to know where to go for them.

I am also reading this book at the moment. Now wishing I read all the other books from child-care expert, Louise Bates Ames.