Jazz Up Your Water

A summer take away, enjoying a glass of water with a twist. Jazzing up your water up with colorful fruits and veggies that you already have in your frig and fruit bowl is a fun way to give your water an upgrade. It is also a way to not letting those colorful gems go to waste. I pretty much drink my two cups of coffee then the rest of the day it’s water.

Over the summer, I really enjoyed infused water. So easy to do at home but yet never really thought to do it. I’m a fan of straight up mint. But playing with combinations similar to making a mocktail without the added simple syrup or other sugary additions will keep you happy hydrating throughout the day. Perhaps try playing with different flavors like chunks of pineapple, sliced cucumber, wedges of citrus, or interesting herbs. Make it in a pitcher and everyone can help themselves. How about mint tea like the Dutch, hot water and mint leaves in a mug for the fall days ahead.

Make it colorful. Cheers to hydration!