Sunday Cart: Movement

The question of need vs want and the less is always more concept is sometimes reason to pause. Simply put, things are just hard to resist. We all have soft spots. My view: Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just be sure you wear it, use it, or it simply brings you pleasure.

Health and over all wellness is always at the forefront of my mind. Movement is a priority. Everyday you must get outside without question. A walk is a mood changer. The gym is functional strength and focus training to for a strong healthy body for everyday living. Athletic wear becomes part of the package.

I have a small rotation of workout wear and tend to never like wearing them anywhere but the gym. Workout wear needs to move with me and feel like a second skin which is why I am a fan of Lululemon’s Align collection. Here are a few items that are collecting in the cart but on pause with the exception of the Nike yoga unitard. Ordered it, kept it, Love it!

A one piece is minimal and practical. After the workout step into the perfect skirt like this one from Lucas Hugh for a chic sporty 2nd look. Perhaps throw your favorite blazer or hoody on to finish it off. Now you have one piece with 3 different ways to wear it for errands, juice date with a gal pal, or straight to dinner. Maybe workout or maybe not.

All The Above: yoga luxe jumpsuit, elevate the workout look with a sporty skirt, Birkenstocks for coming and going, new yoga mat to stretch it out, a night out with the Boston Ballet calls for your tribe

Happy Movement Sunday!