ATHLETA Makes A Statement, Partnering With thredUP

Shopping/spending money/retail therapy are not on my mind but escaping from the current situation feels right for me. I came across this partnership and thought this a good one to share. Maybe you are taking the time to clean out your closet, up your organization, edit your closet, and perhaps exercise.

ATHLETA is an athletic company designing functional, technical, and performance wear for women and girls. They are encouraging their active community to give their garments a second life through partnering with thredUp. It is a wonderful way to recycle workout wear and more importantly it keeps those garments out of the landfills.

Perhaps in the future you may consider recycling your garments and maybe shopping thredUP. Either way the resale revolution is catching on. It’s time to relook at how we shop. Think about supporting circular fashion with ATHLETA!

The fashion industry is one of the leading pollution contributors in the world. Everyday through social media we are being marketed by ads and “influencers” on endless ways to spend our money. Garments are being manufactured at record speed. The fashion industry never sleeps. Garments are being disposed of everyday. The landfills are filling up. Our buying habits have us purchase, wear, purchase without even considering what we currently have in our closet. We get swept up, including myself. Buying second hand is an option. Shopping your closet is too.