Step Outside

Fall just might be the most motivating season of the year to explore nature. Summer is without a doubt fun and welcoming after a long winter. But fall in New England makes stepping into mother nature’s beauty, simply irresistible. The temperature is crisp and cool. The colors get prettier and prettier. Not to mention for the most part, bug free. Getting outside cures all. So healthy for the mind and body. Don’t let another day sneak by without breathing in a bit of freshness.

Traded in the usual urban walk for a more technical trail hike in Vermont. Nothing like using all of your body for a rocky terrain that required more focus and more body awareness. There was some bum sliding as well as some leaping and laughter. Griffy led the pack with unbelievable grace and confidence. Getting outside is the best medicine. This weekend already has me planning the next outing. Nothing like an outdoor exercise that doesn’t feel like you are checking off the box.

Yes, I am sporting a child’s backpack! I am currently lacking a few hiking essentials. This city hiker is getting some great recommendations from a seasoned girlfriend. Stay tuned for a future post with a few basics to get you by for your next adventure.

Here is another one for your playlist. I am currently listening to this:

A New Generation, A New Take

For the long weekend! Rosalía, the Spanish singer, songwriter, and record producer with flamenco as her inspiration. She artfully folds in her urban style that breaks the rules of the traditional style most associate with flamenco. Rosalía makes it her own and it certainly represents a new generation. She is taking the world by storm. AMAZING! BOLD! SENSATIONAL!

It Comes Down To The Details with FEIT

If you like NO.6, Ancient Greek Sandals, or ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) then you just may like FEIT. Henry Cuir also comes to mind. FEIT is a NYC based company designing handcrafted leather shoes for women and men that appear to only get better with wear.

Yes, it is fall but this sandal immediately captured my attention. A sandal that doesn’t read trendy or ugly anything. It is unisex in appearance with an under the radar presence. A beautiful, soft, natural, caramel toned leather sandal with hand stitching, and a solid sole. I would happily slide my foot into for the trying. Without seeing them in person, I would say they are up for the task of walking a city. A neutral tone for any situation or style. Even the packaging is thoughtful. Not to mention there is no glaring logo stamped or printed on the beautiful leather. For fall, I have my eye on the edgy metal clog below. I’m digging its everyday appeal but my wallet is saying something else.

I love that all FEIT’s footwear are made by humans from all natural products and treatments. The focus is on quality and preserving the craft. The company is fully transparent. You can read more on their website about the production process. FYI these handcrafted sandals and boots come with a pricey price tag. So you must love and value their story. I could see myself wearing both the sandal and clog non-stop and getting my cost per wear to zero. There is something special about a shoe that becomes totally worn in from the places you have traveled. FEIT does have a loyal following.

Store locations in NYC, San Francisco, and Sydney.

Cuffing Around, NYC

MEJURI! Think of MEJURI as the Warby Parker of jewelry. Quality jewelry for modern day women with an affordable price tag. The middle man is removed along with its traditional mark up. They have partnered with high quality designers and manufacturers to insure a beautiful product.

MEJURI currently has three showrooms: NYC, LA, and Toronto. But don’t expect to leave the store with your new shiny purchase. Explore the store, try on pieces, order it on the spot, and then roughly a few days later it will arrive at your door. I enjoyed the NYC showroom. A lovely experience with plenty of staff to assist you. I love the concept of an online experience brought to life. Well done!

If you plan on strolling NYC anytime soon, here are a few recommendations.

Have coffee here at Coffee Project, have bite to eat at Dimes (hip & damn good), see American art at the Whitney Museum, early breakfast with coffee at Kava Cafe, and for drinks with a view, try citizen M! NAKED is worth a peek if you find yourself in Nolita. New York is all about exploring and trying new spots. Don’t forget to walk the High Line.

Jazz Up Your Water

A summer take away, enjoying a glass of water with a twist. Jazzing up your water up with colorful fruits and veggies that you already have in your frig and fruit bowl is a fun way to give your water an upgrade. It is also a way to not letting those colorful gems go to waste. I pretty much drink my two cups of coffee then the rest of the day it’s water.

Over the summer, I really enjoyed infused water. So easy to do at home but yet never really thought to do it. I’m a fan of straight up mint. But playing with combinations similar to making a mocktail without the added simple syrup or other sugary additions will keep you happy hydrating throughout the day. Perhaps try playing with different flavors like chunks of pineapple, sliced cucumber, wedges of citrus, or interesting herbs. Make it in a pitcher and everyone can help themselves. How about mint tea like the Dutch, hot water and mint leaves in a mug for the fall days ahead.

Make it colorful. Cheers to hydration!

An Important Topic That Can’t Be Ignored

Vaping is an epidemic. I just learned a great piece of advice which I am going to share with you. We need to start flipping the conversation with our children about the things they should do, not saying the things they shouldn’t do. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is doing a series dedicated to the vaping epidemic. For one of his installments, he took a very personal and close to home approach by sitting down with his three daughters and their teenage friends to talk about vaping. I highly recommend watching this short clip. Just by listening to our children is far more powerful than you think.

Immediately after watching the video, I looked up Real Talk with Dr. Offutt, an interactive teen health resource that is part of this special installment. A safe place for youth to access accurate information and answers to todays difficult topics. Being a teenager is not easy and parenting is equally as challenging. Real Talk with Dr. Offutt is also great resource for parents. We must know what are children are wrestling with during their teenage years. We can only guide them if we are aware of the challenges they are facing.

To be very honest, while spending just a short bit of time on this website, I couldn’t help but feel a pit in my stomach about the obstacles kids today are trying to navigate. If I close an eye and pretend that my child won’t have any of these obstacles is simply not reality. Being knowledgable and having awareness will help me support my son. We won’t always have the answers but we need to know where to go for them.

I am also reading this book at the moment. Now wishing I read all the other books from child-care expert, Louise Bates Ames.

One For The Library

It’s becoming more difficult to find fact based information when it particularly pertains to your body. So much information, but is it opinion or fact? Who is the source and do they have an angle? In the world of influencers and celebrities, why are they trusted? I am in the fact camp. Wanting information from credible sources with a background in the field. Our bodies are complicated enough!

I have ordered and received Dr. Jennifer Gunter’s book, The Vagina Bible. It’s a damn good one. If you have a daughter, this book could be a good resource for you.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Jennifer Gunter then let me share her with you. Dr. Gunter is a OB/GYN and a pain medicine physician. She specializes in women’s health with years of schooling and experience. Most recently, she has come into the headlines for her science based, no nonsense information about women’s health especially around some suggestions that have been made on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website. Jen attacks the myths and claims with facts. Just for the record, I have nothing against GP. She has built her brand and has a very loyal following. She sells the “perfect life” but I don’t believe she truly connects with the average woman. You need a big bank account to play in her world. But this is just my opinion. She is her own person and with all do respect, we all need to be our own person. I pretty much only stalk Goop for recipes. There are some good ones!

For your reading pleasure, here are two bits written by Dr. Jennifer Gunter. Just google her name and you will see plenty of articles from this rock star (ignore the f bomb that she drops in one of the articles). Draw your own conclusion. Put Away The Jade Egg, An Open Letter