The Crown Escape

Here is something perfect for you to do when you are trying to escape the frigid temperatures of New England! Or you just want to kick back and wait for 2018 to ring in!

Netflix is simply brilliant! The material they are delivering with their original content series could keep you in lock down for weeks.  Imagine having one weekend of a “staycation” with your refrigerator stocked, shades drawn and phone off except for access to your food delivery app.  Then you kick back in your sweats and go head to head with a mega Netflix marathon of binge watching.  That would be amazing!  Actually I have been there and know others too.  Seriously, to give you a whole season in one drop is a total gift!  Do you binge watch or do you spread them out?

Netflix just dropped The Crown, Season Two.  The Crown is a drama series taking you through the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  Queen Elizabeth takes the throne at age 25.  Her character takes you into her world of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.  The series draws you in immediately through the characters.  You find yourself immersed in the history of Great Britain and into the intricate world of the Royal family while trying to comprehend how a 25-year-old woman becomes Queen of England.

Family drama, weak men in her government, and infidelity surround the young Queen as she takes on the monarchy.  Her younger sister, Princess Margaret, is fascinating in every sense.  She is glamorous, charming, explosive, a bit scandalous and rebellious all in the search of love that would ultimately need The Queen’s approval.  Princess Margaret has my attention.  The Crown represents a time and place in history that I find myself wanting to click my heels and magically visit.  I love the fashion, the cars, the glamour, the lifestyle, and the societal norms.  So The Crown, Season Two has been released.  We are watching one epi at a time.  I want it to last!  Will there be a Season Three? I’m afraid to know and a year is dreadfully long to wait.

Fun fact: The most expensive tv series ever made! 130 million for Season One

Pic sources are all originally from Netflix but found though the web

Exploring Litchfield County, Connecticut

New Preston is a charming little town in Litchfield County, Connecticut.  A cluster of small independent shops line this quintessential New England village. I love finding small independent shops these days with owners curating their floors with thoughtful and meaningful items.  New Preston offers a sweet cafe for anytime of day, clothing boutiques with unique brands, beautiful home accessories and a candy store for the little ones.   An absolute favorite stop for isostilo  is Pergola.  The sound of a waterfall from the outdoors creates a tranquil soundtrack as you explore the shop.  The shop reflects beautifully chosen pieces for your home and garden.  There is a passion behind this store and this is what draws me back to Pergola on any visit.  Everything connects you back to nature in one shape or form and that is a wonderful accomplishment of this shop.  Seriously, it is hard to walk away without at least one special piece for your home.

More Beautiful Pieces
Getting lost in a peaceful environment at Pergola
Country attire
Pop of Color
A little pick me up
Statement piece to have fun with
Playing Around
John Derian
Interior Calmness
A little oasis
Little Apparel


Sweet Little Ones on My Mind

Funny how special people, places, and curiosity can subconsciously draw your eye to something.   I enjoy strolling the city.   Sometimes I pop into places to take a peek with no mission.  Mostly I gravitate to small, owner operated shops but large, grand department stores also have their special place and purpose.  Since starting this blog,  I have been looking back at photos that I have taken on my iPhone.  I have rounded up a fun collection of gift ideas for young hearts.  I have four darling little nieces, two handsome little nephews, one adorable son, and lots of sweet girls and boys in my life.  So that explains it!  xo

Favorite activity of the holiday season!
Oh Panda
Little hands, little mouths (Willey Boston)
Guess What I'm Doing?
Look at me! (MFA)
Little Friends
Little friends for those little hands (Willey Boston)
Tiny Ones
Awwww (Portobello Road)
The stork! (Gray Mist)
Happy Mouse
A sweet friend to take along on the adventure
Learning Center
Fun ways to learn (MIT)
The Future
I am a robot
Big Girls
Arm fun (Covet +  Lou)
Fun Accessories
Blast off ! Love these pin accessories (Gray Mist)
Sweet Finds
Vroom Vroom
Special collections
Love the idea of creating a gift that becomes a forever gift

Shops to think about popping into when you are in Boston: ICA Boston, MFA, Portobello Road, Covet + Lou, Tiffany & Co., MIT Museum and Willey Boston.  All of them have a wonderful selection of children’s gifts.

Getting It Done

Bad Ass Friday! I’m committed and I’m getting after it today!  I have just returned and I’m drinking my post celebratory cup of coffee.  No better reward at the moment besides the feeling of strength.  The superhero in me rose to the occasion.  Here it is folks!

The Bar!
Love? Hate? It’s love! I want one for home!
The players: 3 boxes, 1 mat and a pull up bar
Kicks did the trick
Happy Superhero
Let’s get out of here!

I’m committed. It’s for the long run.  Staying healthy is the goal. xo




Brackish for The Dapper

Brackish!  I walked by a glass case in the Town Pool holiday pop up shop.  My eyes were immediately attracted to the striking colors that seemed to glisten in their case from the natural light beaming into the store.  Inside the case were beautiful feathered bow ties.  Each one unique and one of a kind.  I snapped a few pics and when I returned home, I needed to learn more.  The company is called Brackish.  They are located in Charleston, South Carolina.  What I discovered that made these beautiful bow ties even more attractive was the history behind the company.  The company was founded by two best friends, Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner, who collaborated together on an idea.  Jeff wanted the perfect groomsmen gifts which lead to the bow ties.  What they deliver is artistry and redefining a tradition.  The bow ties are created by hand from carefully selected feathers allowing each bow tie to be one of a kind. Every wrap is hand stitched and sewn taking four to five hours to deliver a perfect bow tie. The result looks more like art work than a clothing accessory.  Each one is thoughtfully presented in its own small wooden box branded with the Brackish label.  Truly a special gift for a special man in your life!  A gift that comes with a story, isostilo style!

For that special someone!

Fun find : They also offer ladies loafers!

Piece of mind fact: Brackish collects most of their feathers during the birds’ molting process and promises NO HARM EVER to a bird.

adidas x Concepts

While walking about Boston’s popular shopping destination, Newbury Street, my eyes spotted the adidas x Concepts store. The collaboration between these two brands excited me.  It is nothing short of cool.  The space is defined by a minimal aesthetic that highlights the sneakers and apparel. The use of exposed brick, black steel, unique lighting, interactive graphics and music enhances the products and your shopping experience.  It’s so great to see the streetwear culture in Boston continuing to evolve.   The space is so refreshing and unique to Boston.  Being able to really interact with the merchandise is so important.  The sales staff is approachable and laid back with individual styles that compliment the whole aesthetic that adidas x concepts has created.  Everything is so well displayed and the environment welcomes you to get playful.  I found my inner gangsta while

trying on sneakers, track pants, and hoodies.  I walked around thinking this is a store that takes no convincing to pop into with my husband.  I’m thinking this could be the end of my allowance!  Walked out with the ankle warming adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost X MID.


Something Sweet

Here is my day in a nutshell:  I baked banana bread and the gingerbread boys decorated gingerbread houses, oh my!  The main players: holiday tunes, sugar, candy, chocolate, gingerbread houses and of course the gingerbread boys.  BTW no rules!  Here is to creating memories and sharing traditions with friends!  All smiles here at the isostilo headquarters! xo

Creating memories
The Gingerbread Boys in action
Jack's House
Who’s house does this belong to?
Sad Spin
Not one crumb came my way
Nothing But Toppings
One for me, one for my house
The Warm Up
Three heart chocolates
Fueling Up
Cappuccino of course
Smells Amazing!
Whipped up some banana bread with a little help from my friend