The Tata Harper Glow

Exploring a new option for a winter face cream. I believe you need to change your skin care like you change your workouts. Your body gets used to a routine and you stop seeing changes. Tata Harper, a Vermont based company, has been on my radar. All of their products are 100% organic, made on their farm, free from synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxins, GMO, and artificial colors. Prices do reflect their commitment to producing a complex luxurious skin care line using high quality natural ingredients sourced from around the world. A small amount goes a long way.

So far my face has been drinking up the cream. The cream feels and smells lovely when applying and leaves a healthy glow. Tata Harper seems to be a nice addition to my over all self-care goal. Skin care is personal and complicated. I am currently trying to achieve a daily skin care routine that works and doesn’t take up my whole morning. Tata Harper understands how complex the skin is and that as we age our skin is on the same journey. A multitude of factors determine our current skin state. We do know that our lifestyle, diet, and what we put on our skin matters. You have to find what works best for you but I think this line is worth exploring.

Guest Post: Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum

Let’s see what is happening at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam via Solidliquids. Solidliquids never stops exploring what is around her. She is based in Amsterdam and always has a pulse on what is happening in the city. Enjoy! 

The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk , and the Van Gogh Museum are some of Amsterdam’s most recognised museums.  Less famous but not less interesting is the Tropenmuseum (The Tropical Museum). This museum shares insightful stories about the huge cultural diversity to be found around the world.  It is a museum about people.

Currently the Tropenmuseum has three special exhibitions alongside their permanent collection that are worth checking out:  Cool Japan, The Bitter Chocolate, and Africa Fashion Cities (sadly ending Jan 6th). 

The Cool Japan exhibition is all about the world’s fascination with everything associated with Japan.  This particular exhibit is broken into small installations.  Two highlights are Kawaii and Otaku.  The Kawaii installation focuses on the growing protest among girls rebelling against the pressure to growing up, working hard, and conforming to the strict demands of society.  Hello Kitty known throughout the world and one you are most likely familiar with represents the commercial success that developed from this rebellion.  Now known throughout Japan as a Kawaii icon. 

The gallery of Otaku is a cozy Japanese corner that is set up for you to experience on a small-scale what it would be like if you were to attend a con.  Otaku was once a term of abuse, but now it is embraced as a nickname similar to what we refer to a “nerd” or “geek”.  The devoted fans to this culture spend hours gaming, reading, watching, and participating in the development of cultural products.   

The Bitter Chocolate exhibit reveals the ugly story of child labour on chocolate plantations.  Fifteen children share their compelling stories and it will change the way you look at chocolate forever!

Bitter Chocolate

The African Fashion Cities is an impressive exhibit told through the eyes of fashion experts from Africa and The Netherlands.  Visitors explore the lively and diverse fashion scenes that shake up the world of fashion.  Local stylists share their perspectives on what drives local styles.  Additionally there are videos of local retailers, photographers, and bloggers from different regions that share their design stories.  One example is the brother and sister team behind 2ManySiblings. They take you to a market in Nairobi where they buy and restyle second-hand designers clothes.   

The Fashion exhibition features creations by The Sartists, a multidisciplinary creative collective from Johannesburg, Said Mahrouf, a Moroccan-Dutch designer, and Maki Oh, an African based fashion label appreciated by Beyonce and Michelle Obama.  By the way did you know Maki Oh’s designer Amaka Osakwe’s inspiration for her Spring 2019 collection came from hanging out in hole-in-the-wall joints know as Bukas in Lagos, Nigeria?  It also happens to be Amaka’s hometown, where these Bukas are typically run by women.  Check out her latest collection.

Amazing! Beautiful! Inspiring!

This is just a peek into Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum.  It is a rich and grand museum that stimulates curiosity. Just exploring the website will capture your interest.  A collection of installations that will draw you in through interaction and personal stories. The Tropenmuseum is worldly and one to experience if you find yourself in Amsterdam.  A hidden treasure!

(All images and videos are from the Tropenmuseum)

Velvet Blazer

A velvet blazer is always good and even better when on sale! If you lack a velvet blazer, you may want to take a peek at Faith Connexion. Faith Connexion is a Parisian label led by a collective of creatives who focus on combining art, fashion, and urban culture to create modern feminine styles for women. The line has a certain following but I find this blazer to be more approachable. A velvet blazer is a chic stylish piece. It swings from casual to formal and requires very little to make a statement. I love Faith Connexion’s approach to this classic piece with the tonal plaid pattern finished off with bold gold-toned shank buttons. Not boring and absolutely wearable! Typically a spendy line but Last Chance sale at Barneys for 75% off is worth considering.

There Is No One Like Tilda Swinton

A true lady rock star to add to my appreciation of those who are style risk takers bringing excitement to the fashion world.  The British actress Tilda Swinton is strikingly beautiful and a fashion icon in my opinion with a true sense of self.  She has attitude and confidence to rock her sometimes severe masculine look but never looses her femininity.  Tilda challenges the norm through her unique style choices.  She knows what she likes and stays her course.  Just look how the clothes come to life on that tall lean frame.  But you notice Tilda first (true style!).  Her ability to change like a chameleon with her on-screen roles is remarkable.  Her unforced style is admirable.  Can we pause for a second to applaud Tilda’s ever-changing hair that is edgy, show stopping, and just out right cool?!  She is so flipping awesome in my book!!

(all images from Pinterest)

The Non-Movement Trend For Weekends!


Sleep and rest are the keys to healthy and happy days.  Between Christmas and New Year, I will be practicing the art of lounging.  In fact, I plan on taking full advantage of all the upcoming winter weekends with some lazy downtime and turning off my screen.  Which is why a stylish uniform for lounging is always welcomed.  Sleepy Jones has a sleepwear collection that says it is ok to just pause and enjoy a quiet moment. Here’s to a new goal for 2019. I am with Sleepy Jones’ non-movement approach to slowing down. Wishing you most rest and relaxation this holiday season and beyond.  Sleepy Jones

Roll On With A Subtle Scent

Maison Louis Marie perfume oil is something that I keep on my desk.  It is a convenient size to pop into a purse or to tuck into a travel bag.  It comes in a 15 ml rollerball form glass bottle which means no spill and a good chance you will use up the whole bottle. 

Maison Louis Marie has a deep French botanical history dating back to 1792.  This L.A. based company is creating beautiful oils, perfumes, and candles that will delight your senses.  They have gained a fashion cult following.  I originally discovered Maison Louis Marie at a Steven Alan store.  Scent No.04 is all about its top notes of sandalwood and cedarwood.  A wonderful unisex scent to wear all year long.  The packaging only compliments the product with its attention to detail and the environment.  Choose between the Perfume Oil or the Eau de Parfum.  They are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates as well as a long lengthly list of other harsh ingredients.  Maison Louis Marie 

(all images from Maison Louis Marie)