Rise and Conquer The Day

Staying active and staying outdoors is the theme here in Montana.  Yesterday’s activity was a five hour snowshoe hike in the northwest tip of Yellowstone National Park led led by our fearless leader, Ken from Yellowstone Safari Company.  An amazing day trekking through snow enjoying the natural beauty of a constant changing landscape.

Peaceful and untouched
Ken led us with enthusiasm and an abundance of local knowledge
Bear claw sightings


One learns how vast this land is when you put on snowshoes and think you are going to just take a hike to explore Yellowstone.  Yellowstone is so large that five hours of adventure trekking just gave me a taste of the majestic environment.  Although no wildlife was spotted on this outing, a distant grizzly sighting would have been amazing.   I did feel like a humble trespasser in their vast home of unspoiled wilderness.  It is breathtakingly beautiful and nature is meant to be respected and enjoyed.


Coffee, snowshoeing, and mountains is pretty spectacular!
Found a lovely spot for lunch under the trees with the sun keeping us warm

The day started off chilly but by the end I was peeling off layers of clothing.  It was a bluebird day.  I have a few more wrinkles from the sun but they will be a constant reminder of this beautiful day!





Yellowstone Safari Company


This week I am enjoying a family vacation with our dear friends in Big Sky, Montana.  Land in Bozeman and drive 1.5 hours.  Easy!  One goes from the big flat land of traveling 70 miles per hour on a main road with the big boy trucks just hauling to a landscape of trees that sneak up on you.  There are no scary, twisting mountain roads that you endure.  Arriving late at night did not allow for us to take in the beauty of what we would be waking up to.  But upon waking to the sun rising and a window view of the mountains of Big Sky I can share that mother nature is stunning.  My morning coffee routine for this week will be sitting at a small round table perched on a baby blue Eames chair watching the sunrise and the mountain waking up.

There is something special about Montana.  It doesn’t take long to forget about the city life and welcome the calmness of the mountains.  I love the vast landscape and the bright clear sky at night that makes me feel like the stars are reachable.  As I have shared, I have resisted skiing for many years and did not grow up with this activity in my life.  But over the years I have been flirting with it.  Last year was a turning point for me.  It was here at Big Sky that I embraced it a bit more and took lessons.  I have nothing to prove on the slopes because I have proven to myself that it is never too late to give something a go.  Believe me at times like yesterday that I felt I was way over my head with no alternative way down.  But I am perfecting the art of the side slide.  I enjoy the wide open terrain and the long rolling trails that Big Sky offers as well as the apre scene at Madison (eye on the prize!).  This mountain has something to offer for everyone.  It is massive!  Big Sky is laid back with a chill vibe.  A vibe that is contagious.

This year I am fortunate to be here again.  I will be embracing all the fun this mountain offers.  The spring like temperatures have my arms wide open to all the adventures!  THANKFULLY  my family and friends are beyond patient  and encouraging when I click into the skis.  But today I am trading in the skis for a full day snowshoe adventure.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t have me meeting a grizzly!  Stay tuned.  xo

Sipping and blogging with a beautiful mountain view.
Good morning

For The Guy And Gal In The Dam

The Amsterdam posts are still flowing!  Baskets, a new shop for me that I stumbled upon while exploring on foot.  Here is the deal, when I tank up on coffee it just leads to hours of exploring.  Baskets catches your eye with its garage door like entrance.  It allows you to have glimpse into a beautiful and bright environment from the street.  I love street wear and street culture and this shop showcases it in a wearable way.  This is a mens shop but has lots of unisex pieces or as my girlfriend says “snackable pieces”.  I could have easily walked out with a few elevated basics for my husband or a beanie (can’t have to many:), hoody or kicks for myself.  I will keep this place in my memory bank of places to revisit.

Kicks, scented candles, a hoody and that’s at first glance. I’m sucker for industrial looking boutiques that are minimal
I have a sneaker fetish
“Snackable Pieces”
Beanie Time!

Check out Baskets for yourself.  It is always a fun way to gain style inspiration.

OOTD Yesterday

Yesterday’s style.  I’m holding on to winter just so I can get some more wear out of my outerwear!

Morning Coffee Run And Officially On Holiday
Beanie Gift From My Husband + Recycled Shopping Bag That Has Become My Handbag
Booty Shot Of The Of The Denham Jeans
Sweatshirt + Denim = isostilo


I’m a beanie girl.  Meet my new love.  A gift from my husband from his Japan travels.  He knows my style too well! I love the patch and the blue on blue.  The Japanese have perfected the attention to detail.


I am recycling a cloth skull and star shopping bag from a store purchase that I made some time ago in Amsterdam.  I love handbags and have spent years collecting them.  But funny how this cloth bag seems more my style lately.


Along with the beanie came a sweatshirt.  The dyed indigo blue sweatshirt has an irregular texture and surface that will only get better with wear.  I appreciate the detail of the deeper blue ribbed cuffs and neck that gives the sweatshirt a hint of a worn in look.  For a blue loving girl like myself, this has become a favorite.


As promised I have been committed to wearing what’s in my closet.  I’m falling back in love with my old favorite DENHAM jeans (my booty jeans). DENHAM are jean makers and are all about the details.  For me, this particular pair are all about the back pockets.  They are a straight fit and work well with kicks or a kitten heel.


My absolute favorite new piece added to my outerwear arsenal.  This was a recent sale bin score from Henrik Vibskov.  I immediately fell in love with this hip length, two-tone color (unusual paring I thought) puffy with a blue wave that hugs the jacket.  It is one piece that you either love it or question the hell out of it.  I Love It!  A forever piece for me.  Fashion forward and playful at the same time.






A Peek Into My isostilo Style

Style is whatever you make it.  I have always been interested in following fashion in my spare time via insta, Flipboard, Pintrest, and magazines.  I enjoy sitting in cafes to watch the city style pass me by.  I love when someone is rocking their own style.  It is not about what is on trend or what bag your sporting but more importantly being an individual and what inspires you.

Currently, I am having fun with functional winter pieces.  It is still winter ladies (hopefully not for long)!  I am totally digging track pants, black turtlenecks, boots, and my beanies (sounds a bit boring).  My every day life is moving around the city and running around with my son.   A lot of what I wear seems to be pieces that I have collected over the years (which makes me happy).

At the end of the day, I am a casual gal kicking it in streetwear.  Loving that jeans are the norm and I can alternate them with track pants.  Currently I have a couple jeans that seem to be in heavy rotation.  One being a black mid rise, fitted jean from Madewell, and the other a Simon Miller, high rise, wide bottom leg.  I call those gems my man repellers (brilliant name by the way and I love the site of the true Man Repeller).  I typically pair any bottom with an easy knit or sweatshirt and occasionally layer on a blazer.   Along with one of my favorite kicks or my Hope or Church’s boots depending on my day.  Throw on a coat that suits the weather and top it off with a beanie.  Easy Peasy and out the door.

Black on Black
Street Boot from Hope
Basic Style
Basic uniform with some edge: high rise denim, black Zara sweater, black boot, and Jennifer Meyer x Barneys coat.
Beanie & Sweatshirt (pretty much my winter uniform)
My Man Repeller jeans and I love them!
Street Attire
Now A Vintage A.P.C. jacket (scored 6 or 7 years ago).  Hands down my favorite go to jacket.
The Boot
Everyday Look
Heavy rotation on the adidas track pants. Worn with black turtleneck, vans or low heels.
Everyday! The beanie that never comes off and the sweatshirt that I cherish.

Why the beanie love:  I love the warmth, love to hide my bad hair, love the look, and love to sport it around the house:) Either my black Acne beanie or my son’s Vans beanie.  As one has seen on most of my insta pics this season.



Welcome to the Bellerose store in Amsterdam.  A Belgian company that offers stylish, well crafted, and playful basics for the whole family.  I love that the branding is subtle and not obvious.  The store itself is worth the experience.  The environment is welcoming, warm, and encourages you to wonder around.  The store is spacious, allowing the clothing to stand out.  There is no clutter, no over packed shelves, and every garment is visible.  I enjoyed just browsing and easily could have made some purchases:) but I didn’t.

A Store For The Whole Family
Beautiful And Uncluttered
Simple Basics But Playful Yet With Feminine And Masculine Detailing
Cozy Atmosphere With Creative Ways To Display The Merchandise
Lightly Arranged Pieces That Play Off Each Other. Love The Raw Wall Background And Concrete Flooring

Check out Bellerose online or pop into one if you have the opportunity.

For The Love Of Church’s

Before another storm hits New England, I must get some wear out of these boots!  Sometimes you have to hunt.  It is also part of the fun.  I had been hunting for my perfect black boots for longer than I want to admit.  Here were my requirements: black, low heel, edgy, and would be worn year after year.  Boots have been ordered, boots have returned.  One of the benefits of online shopping!  I don’t think I am alone on this one.  I have hit every store in Boston and beyond.  Believe me, there are boots out there that get me excited but I’m fussy, focused and no regretful purchases please.  With my endless searching along came Church’s studded, glossed leather, handcrafted, classic wingtip style black boot. Love at first sight.  An absolute investment purchase.  Welcome to my closet!  Totally worth the hunt.  I am in LOVE.  Rock n Roll baby!  I’m breaking them out and breaking them in!  To be worn with everything!

Time to break you in

History Fact:  This fine English company was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons.

Fun Fact:   Tony Blair had a pair he called “lucky pair” and British Secret Service agent,  Mr. James Bond aka Pierce Brosnan wore a selection of  Church’s to complement his Brioni suits.  Need I say more to justify this investment?!