Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day With Greetabl

Meet Greetabl! This unique website makes gift giving fun, customized, and completely personal!  This newish company allows you to hand select every aspect of the perfect gift from the packaging to the tiny treasures inside.  What better timing to discover Greetabl with Valentine’s Day approaching soon.  I am having so much fun just exploring that sharing my find is a must!  Here is a taste of what you will find on Greetabl.   xo


Sweet connection:  As a child I remember receiving every Valentine’s Day a gift from my mom.  She would fill a mug or a small basket with sweets and chocolates from our local gourmet shop.  It was wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a ribbon.  A gift that was simple, thoughtful and hand-picked.  This site is for my mom.  Thank you for your heartfelt gifts.  Big hugs to you!

Galentine’s Day is a thing and it’s all about celebrating your gal pals!!!

Pics from Greetabl

Super Bowl Sunday or Any Other Day

Any excuse to make guacamole!  Today is the day for the Pats and all their fans! Here is my contribution to the day.  I am dicing, mashing, and squeezing while grooving to the tunes of The War On Drugs.  An absolute favorite band of mine (I could go on and on about my obsession with this band and please don’t turn it off).  A perfect start to my Sunday!

8 Ingredients
mashed/cubed avocados, chopped cilantro, diced red onion, diced jalapeno, minced garlic
squeezed limes, ground cumin, and salt
The War On Drugs
currently playing!
Such A Fan



isostilo style

The Amsterdam love!





It is no secret that I love blue, I love denim and just a tad in love with Amsterdam.  Yesterday the socks drove the outfit!  I paired them with a stripe top from Mads Norgaard and what I call my “man repeller” jeans.  They don’t exactly flatter my can but I love them and my husband is away (he is not a fan:).  More importantly (ha!) the jeans being a bit cropped allowed the socks and their canal houses to peak out.  Pretty simple!

Similar jeans  to my “man repellers”

Spotify + BORNS = Repeat Please

Garrett Borns
Rocking a Gucci suit with the contrasting classic web stripes (Give me the jacket!)

Loving every song and every beat.  It is electric, groovy, sexy, and dreamy.  Borns newest album, Blue Madonna is all about love and romance.  It is so 60s and 70s baby!  The Gucci suit says it all!  The Michigan native, Garrett Borns is touring and selling out.  I will be seeing him at the House of Blues in Boston on February 11th (Valentine’s Day gift is coming early:).  I’m hooked and reading up on this hot 20 something year old that is having his much deserved moment in the spot light.  Check out this article from Nylon.

BTW when Garrett Borns moved to LA, he moved into a tree house which became his permanent home.  Need I say more?!  Fascinating!

Photo credit: Official Website of BORNS


It’s time to escape with DOEN’s  new spring arrivals.  DOEN is a LA based collaborative company made up of eight talented women delivering wearable West Coast style.  DOEN will whisk you away in the most wonderful sense.  Each piece is playful, soft, airy, light, flowing, and feminine.  Bring on spring or plan a trip!

Decide for yourself!










DOEN has a journal section featuring real women wearing their clothes.  I am sipping some coffee and reading about Ricki Lake.  If you want more than read on and explore for yourself. xo

Morning with Ricki Lake

All pictures are from DOEN.



Little Friendships

Aleisi on the left & Hashim on the right. The smiles say it all!

One of the best gifts in life is friendship.  These two boys pictured above have been friends since birth and have the Atlantic Ocean that separates them.  A friendship that doesn’t skip a beat. They have a true connection and time apart doesn’t change a thing.  We were truly given a special Christmas gift this year.  Aleisi’s friend, Hashim came for a three week visit.

Hashim is eleven and traveled alone from Amsterdam to be reunited with his mate, my son, Aleisi.  The laughter, banter, creativity, and adventures were endless.  They chatted till the wee hours and slept in like high school boys.  Two boys just being true to themselves.  Lego creations were literally out of this world.  Xbox playing was loud and explosive.  Sneaking peppermint bark for breakfast was the norm. Star Wars movie marathon was a must and lots of Red Hot Chili Peppers became the soundtrack.

Saying goodbye can be bittersweet and can hurt your heart like nothing else!  How can this be?  A true friendship without rules, all accepting and full of laughs is hard to not have in your everyday life.  But the gift of creating memories that one can look back at and smile is all worth that moment of sadness when you have to say “till we meet again”.  As you may have read from an early post from me, I can truly relate to this feeling when a dear friend whisks in for a visit and departs in the blink of an eye.  Donna is also from Amsterdam.  What is in the Dutch water or is it all the milk they drink?  They know the meaning of friendship! It has been a couple of weeks since Hashim’s departure but the warm thoughts are still going strong.  xo


Fitness, My Take


Dressed like a ninja!

I feel like a superhero, a ninja mama, a bad ass; all at the same time.  Where to start?  What is the motivator?

Luckily for me, two years ago my chiropractor punted me to Beth Zeitlin, a personal trainer.  Beth immediately rocked my world and I have never looked back.  I am happy to say she has become my friend and someone I admire.  Since our time together, my view on fitness has evolved and I love the new direction it is going.  I have balance, confidence, and appreciation.  Beth has knowledge, experience, and she inspires me to challenge myself.  Most importantly, I connect with her approach.  We also have plenty of laughs along the way.

My focus on physical strength in the gym has taken a true commitment on my part.  It was the right time and right person in my case.  The focus and goals are simple with efficient workouts.  If I am going to sacrifice a bit of my day I want it to be challenging, rewarding, and a whole lot of fun.  It is elective but a priority.  My sessions range from TRX, pull ups, monkey bars to planking like a mofo except when my shoulder acts up.  I never really know till I get in there.  Beth challenges me with what I think is the unthinkable.

I am my own super hero.  I am running around with my son and never not feeling capable.  I want to be a role model for Aleisi and model the behavior I preach to him.  I want to keep my body moving and practice a healthy lifestyle.  This is what I can control.  These are my motivating goals.  It is a piece to my puzzle.  I work out twice a week and I love every minute of it!  My workouts are a total outlet for me especially when my world is spinning or one of those total shit show mornings decides to grace me.  But a few pull ups later and it is all in the rear view mirror!  Sometimes I just need to get out of my own way.  I am hoping over time to share more about my time with Beth.  Perhaps some guest posts from the true bad ass herself!  That would be amazing!!  xo

Goal:  To be healthy, treat my body kindly, not take it for granted, and never stop moving.  I have to be my own motivator!