isostilo Style

isostilo style

Digging through the closet these days! Getting bored and needed to break out my old favorites:) Honestly most of my clothes are pieces that I have collected over the years and I can’t seem to part with them.  Here are last year’s J.CREW leather leggings bought from NET- A-PORTER paired with an old Marni favorite scored from Barneys.  Worn with black Vans.  Timeless and easy!  I remember sale shopping post holiday a few years ago and being super excited when I spotted this sweater.  Clearly the best time to shop if you have it in you.  Typically I do not!  So happy for the old to be new again!


Beauty Fav

Lips Only
3 New Additions

Very excited for my lips to have a refreshing splash of color for the winter months.  I want a quick hint of color with that au naturel look!  The EVE LOM Kiss Mix  is moisturizing with a soft sheen.  I have been wearing it on its own and as a base for my two new lipsticks from LIPSTICK QUEEN.

Eden is a fab semi sheer red.  Baby steps towards approaching a true red.  I love that it is moisturizing with a pop of color.  Perfect for an evening night out.  Golden box number two, The Saint Coral, is the perfect everyday lipstick.  A pale nude with a hint of brown.  My day time look is natural and no fuss.  Lip gloss is as fancy as I typically get.  So to find a lipstick to wear during the day while running around has been a score.  Maybe 2018 will have me branching out a little more in the makeup world.  Especially after watching The Crown.  Margaret’s makeup is so moody and glamorous!  I’m thinking a lesson or two first would be wise to avoid looking like the joker.

Did you know? Lipstick Queen was founded by Poppy King an eighteen year old at the time from Melbourne Australia, who couldn’t find her perfect lipstick.  There you have it!

Monday Inspiration

Wishing for dreamy viewing than check out my new latest Netflix love, Chef’s Table.  So far it has been an amazing and inspiring series about six of the world’s greatest chefs.  I have traveled to Italy, the North West corner of Massachusetts, Patagonia, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Sweden.  The cinematography is beautiful, the authenticity of the chefs is heart grabbing, and the food is revolutionary.  I’m in love with Massimo Buttura and his electric personality!

Chef Massimo!

Need more inspiration than check out My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, a once a month interview with David Letterman and a global leader that is sure to inspire.  First interview is with President Barack Obama.  Enough said!  The interview is one on one on an open stage with no band and no distractions.  David Letterman is back and better than before with a personal style he is enjoying.  Check out the beard!

Definitely no introduction is needed!

Dreamy reading inspiration.  Enjoy The New York Times recently released 52 Places to Go in 2018. Always amazed with the beauty that world has to offer.  Happy browsing!



Meet Astis, the ultimate outdoor mittens!  I was introduced to these stunning handcrafted mittens from a sweet, stylish friend of mine who loves to ski.  She rocks these mittens like no other.  She puts them to the test in the elements for which they are designed, the freezing temperatures of Vermont.  Beautifully crafted suede mittens with a forearm that can be decorated with beadwork, cowhide pattern and fur trim.  All the mittens and gloves are lined with Polartec Thermal Pro High loft material that is dry wicking which in return will keep your hands warm and dry.  Don’t let the highly stylized mitten fool you.  They are durable and are meant to be worn not just for apre!  Astis combines modern technology and the time-honored tradition of handcrafted artistry.  Each piece is unique and a work of art.  I own a pair and my hands couldn’t be happier or warmer!  Oh Yeah! I love a stylish and functional find!  xo

Crean Long Cuff Mitten
Bering Long Cuff Mitten
Fitz Roy Mid Cuff Mitten
Freuchen Long Cuff Mitten
Herzog Glove
Liechhardt Glove
Nanga Parbat
Pocahontas Long Cuff Mitten
Face/Neck Warmer

All images from Astis

Awesome Fact:  Astis was founded out of necessity by Brad and Charlie, two friends with the love of outdoors.  Brad was gifted a pair of beloved Cree mittens that unfortunately were also loved by his dog.  Those furry friends of ours are always up to mischief!  After much research,  prototypes,and determination along came Astis.  All mittens and gloves are hand stitched in the U.S.A!

Healthy Fridays


Gym Bag
Let’s go!
Mother Juice lunch date
Almond Love Smoothie Time
Almond Love tastes so much better when made by someone else!

I love my Fridays.  I get to kick-start the day my way!  Weekends can be really busy.  So carving out a window is a priority for me.  Getting after it in the gym for an hour is rewarding and a gift to myself.  Well and to my family.  I’m just happier what else can I say.

I have added a new post workout reward to the mix if time allows.  Today I stopped by Mother Juice.  I’m a fan!   It feels cold as f..k outside(no sun:( so I was waffling between something cold or something hot.  I know it sounds ridiculous.  I went for both!  I ordered my usual favorite Almond Love smoothie .  Which I swap out strawberries for blueberries.  I’m a pain in the arse and I know it!  I also grabbed myself lunch.  I’m a sucker for coconut so the carrot coconut soup made it an easy choice along with the grab and go kale caesar salad.  TGIF!

Here’s What’s Cooking

I am so smitten with Smitten Kitchen.  I follow this site more than any other food website for inspiration.  Smitten Kitchen is so beautiful to explore.  The recipes are well laid out and easy to follow.  I am constantly seeking out easy, healthy and flavorful recipes with a refreshing spin on basic ingredients.  Here are a few new recipes that I will be cooking up from Smitten Kitchen!  I’m also well stocked on chickpeas at the moment.

Smitten Kitchen
sheet pan meatballs with crispy tumeric chickpeas
Smitten Kitchen
quick pasta-e-ceci-pasta with chickpeas
fried rice with zucchini, tomatoes and parmesan and how about that egg!



I recently discovered the company 8.6.4 while shopping.   I spotted a stack of gorgeous cashmere ribbed knit beanies in a selection of soft colors.  The pink is particularly eye-catching and was immediately wrapped up to be gifted.

Tats and Ena Otake, are the creative minds behind 8.6.4.  The Japanese husband and wife team have crafted a beautifully edited design company in Brooklyn, New York that makes handmade jewelry and leather goods.  The jewelry line includes lovely necklaces, sweet knotted rings, and a wide range of earrings.  The pearl earrings are sweet, dainty and float on your ear.  A creative twist to the classic pearl stud.  The leather items and nylon bags look particularly interesting on their website.

8.6.4 makes pretty everyday pieces.  The prices are reasonable.  The website has the same meticulous attention to detail and keeps you exploring.  For me, I love knowing the history behind creations.  What is so impressive is that neither Tats or Ena had any design experience before this new endeavor.  Tats produced commercials and Ena was a sushi chef.  After a move from Hawaii to New York, they decided to leave their careers behind and to try something new.  It is obvious that Tats and Ena have a natural sense of style, a passion and a commitment to the goods that 8.6.4 creates.  Love it!

Love the playful spin on a pearl
The K-03 ring
Pick your color

Photos from 8.6.4 website.