Something Sweet

Here is my day in a nutshell:  I baked banana bread and the gingerbread boys decorated gingerbread houses, oh my!  The main players: holiday tunes, sugar, candy, chocolate, gingerbread houses and of course the gingerbread boys.  BTW no rules!  Here is to creating memories and sharing traditions with friends!  All smiles here at the isostilo headquarters! xo

Creating memories
The Gingerbread Boys in action
Jack's House
Who’s house does this belong to?
Sad Spin
Not one crumb came my way
Nothing But Toppings
One for me, one for my house
The Warm Up
Three heart chocolates
Fueling Up
Cappuccino of course
Smells Amazing!
Whipped up some banana bread with a little help from my friend


Saturday Fun

A little snap shot of yesterday’s outing.  Enjoyed some laughs and mischief along the way.  So here are a few pics for you to enjoy while sipping coffee.  That’s what I’m doing on this Sunday morning.  xo

Liquid fuel for two.  Shared with my mom
Perfect mini bow bag @CUYANA
Classic Look
Fun ear ornaments
One for each lady in my life @ Gray Mist
Window Shopping South End
Something catches my eye
Bad Ass
Every women needs this. found @ Hudson
Cheeky Fellow
What a rascal. Do not take offense!!!
A box for your treasures
I wonder where he gets it from?!
My turn
Love these vases @ Willey
Just want to hang out a bit
Lovely ideas


Craftsmen ship @ Willey
Beautifully displayed
Now we know where we our humor comes from!  Can be found @ Town Pool
Mr. Nutcracker
You looking at me?  I’m off duty!

Strolled through Back Bay, South End and Huron Village in Cambridge. Covered some ground!

Friday Fitness

Pretty simple: Wake up and get after it!   No option on missing my session with bad ass, Beth Z at the gym.  My goal is to be my own superhero.  I worked out this morning like a BMF.  I had one hour and I wasn’t going to waste my time folks.  I have a full day planned and have no time to spare.  My mission was accomplished this morning.  I did the following: 25 pull ups total, single leg pistol squats, sprinter lounges and pikes on the TRX  straps.  I had plenty of fun and laughs along the way. It is a journey for me.  Routine and commitment is rewarding!  So is typing away with my post glow workout and my tough girl attitude!

Pick Your Kicks

I am a kicks kinda girl!  Dress them up, down, what ever your mood.  Come on, sneakers are the most comfortable option out there!   Why not have them be hip and fun for that instant style boost (no adidas pun here)?  I have found a few pairs to share that do just that.  I would love to wear any of these flipping kicking kicks anytime/anywhere.  I can give you my isostilo word that the the adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost X MID are just as amazing on the foot as they are on the eye.  A slip on sneaker with metallic gold and blue knit complimented with a silver tone had me at first glance.  Icing on the cake was that they fit like a glove and felt like a slipper!  They are now the newest addition to my closet.  Will be worn with skirts, leggings, and cropped denims.  So here is isostilo’s sneaker porn round up:)  By the way, this is a starter list!

for the unicorn lover in you pic source:
classic and simple pic source:
knit I say more pic source: http://www.adidas
break these pretty pink ladies out when the sidewalks are cleared: pic source
seriously I’m not taking them off pic source:
cherry bomb pic source:
HO17_XGirl_MadeMe_0015 (1)
waiting for these fat laced patent leather goodies to drop TODAY! pic source: vans + mademe and x- girl

If your in the mood to shop then here you go:

Featured image pic source: Vans

All Bark!

Once a year, typically around Thanksgiving,  you can get your hot little hands on Williams Sonoma’s  Peppermint Bark.  It is a one pound tin of happiness!  And for the really indulgent, you can purchase a two pound tin.  I wouldn’t dare.  The thing is, you find yourself reaching into the tin throughout the two weeks leading up to Christmas and into the New Year.  After that you need the year long break.  You don’t miss it and you need some space never mind the added calories.  The first layer is a special blend of Guittard Chocolate mixed with a high quality peppermint.  Then comes the second layer, white chocolate topped with bits of homemade candy cane.  This combination creates a little bite of heaven.  It is perfectly balanced with a nice crunch.  I pick off the candy cane and go for the straight up chocolate layers.  We give this gift to those afar and they are addicted!  It is the perfect gift for a party host, a child’s teacher, or for anyone with a sweet tooth.  If you’re not a peppermint fan than you’re out and have no chance of joining the club.  Happy Holidays!

Peppermint Bark
Holiday goodness!

Handsfree Baby!

Sometimes I love being handsfree to run around the city. I like feeling free from all the useless stuff that I tend to chuck in all my other bottomless handbags. Call it a  fanny- pack if you wish but it happens to be a treasured Christmas gift from my husband two years ago.  Man does he know my style.  I may have hinted at it but ultimately he had to hunt it down and he had the last say.  Fortunate for me he has a great eye and totally understands the questions I ask myself with such wishes.  Is it timeless for me and is it something that I will use now and for years to come.  YES, YES and YES. I adore my Marni bag because it is simple, well designed, limited hardware, a year round piece and love the leather for it’s durability.  The caramel color with the contrasting black nylon belt nails it for me.  It is easy to wear and goes with everything in my closet.  It is functional with enough space for my essentials (iphone, lippie, credit card and keys). It makes me smile whenever I have the opportunity to “strap it on” (wait…that sounds weird 😉

Oh my Marni I do love you!


I must have all those special people on my mind for the holidays. It is not always easy to find the perfect little something for those you may have on your list.   Luckily, I have Milk House Chocolates on the top of my favorite gems to share.   Thornecrest Farm &  Milk House Chocolates is nestled away in the small town of Goshen, CT.  Why I love this gem is simple: It is owned and operated by the Thorn family who are dedicated to keeping their cows happy, stress free, and loved (don’t we all wish for this!).  The cows live in a beautiful barn that is pristine and peaceful with fields to wander.  The beautiful setting, the compassion, love and creativity seems to be the perfect recipe for artisan chocolates and fresh milk.  The chocolate is made in the same barn and displayed in a sweet little storefront.  Over the past few years I have come to know Kimberly Thorn, the baker behind the chocolates.  She is sweet, welcoming, humble and appreciative of all those who find their way to her beautiful shop. I am a fan and I love feeling connected to people who share their passion with others.  If only I had one milk chocolate truffle to pop into my mouth at this moment!