Midweek Cooking With The Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Let’s talk Instant Pot.  Every week I come across recipes dedicated to the Instant Pot.  So many recipes for this one pot wonder.  I would categorize most of them as comfort food  making the fall and winter months a bit more belly warming.  It just comes down to what your taste buds fancy on any given day.  Full disclosure: I was not down with the Instant Pot but I also don’t care for microwaves or kitchen equipment with manuals unless they really deliver.  But my husband took this matter into his own hands and it has transformed the way he cooks.  It is his gadget and he is the one cooking up a storm with one tasty meal after another.  Every dish has been flavorful, moist, and perfectly executed with the exception of one Shrimp Biryani dish.  Grocery shopping and prepping the ingredients seems to be the only time-consuming part.  So yes the Instant Pot is worth the small investment and space on the counter especially when something gives a person enthusiasm to cook and experiment.

You can buy the Instant Pot online from Amazon and have it tomorrow.  Also check out Williams Sonoma for some good information on this new gadget.  Love NYT Cooking for some really good recipes.  You will need subscribe but you won’t be disappointed!

Clog Alert

Clogs are back in full force.  To me they will always be in style. Depends how you wear them. Gucci stepped up with their version.  I am not huge fan of the furry look and way too spendy for a clog even if you top them off with the horsebit detail.  But I love the outfit inspiration that I found on Pinterest to show them off.  I am a big fan of No.6.  Discovered them about 8 years ago at an under the radar store in Boston that has since closed.  In fact I still wear them.  Clogs are fab with any look and surprising comfortable.  No.6 offers many versions and they will become a quick favorite.  They are a good and reasonable investment.  No.6 all the way!

(ootd is a Pinterest pic the rest are from No.6)

Classic Investment


Toteme Bergerac Coat
Love the cut, the drop shoulder, and color from Toteme.  Chic
Rokh is all about the button details with this double-breasted coat giving it a few clever ways to wear this piece.
Harris Wharf London
Simplicity from Harris Wharf London will never give you regrets.
Joseph Marline
Clean and simple from Joseph is timeless.
Ganni Mayer Coat
Ganni typically delivers colorful and fun pieces but in this case knows the importance of a classic.
Prada Belted
Styled to the max in Prada and unfortunately it comes with a steep price tag.
Joseph Modern Coat
Soft and delicate from Joseph. Perfect over a dress.

Classic styles are worth the investment and the time hunting for them. Winter outerwear, I believe is where you can invest and get your return back year after year. It should be that one favorite coat that you don’t walk your dog in but instead, the one you slip into for special occasions, dinners out, festive gatherings, or a night on the town.  It is nice to have one piece that wraps you up like a present and makes going out on those cold nights feel more ladylike than Michelin Man.

Winter outerwear really does stand the test of time particularly when you go off trend.  Hot color and style trends of the season are around for a hot second and, in my opinion, not worth the high investment.  Classic styles are far from boring.  A well-tailored classic doesn’t require bells and whistles.  It requires a well delivered silhouette that fits you.  Subtle design and attention to detail goes the distance.  You will never regret investing in your forever coat in a rich navy, a classic black, a warm gray, or a creamy camel.

Perhaps thinking about shopping less and putting those funds toward purchases you really love and that stand the test of time is a better way to shop.  Luckily, classic outerwear pieces are becoming more reasonable.  Here are few to inspire you from Net-A-Porter.  Check out your favorite place to shop for similar styles.  Keep an eye out for special holiday sales or better yet if you can hold off until after the holidays you may score big.

The Third Eye Collection


Sometimes you just don’t want what everyone else is sporting.  I came across this amazing eyewear collection over the summer while exploring the Moooi Showroom in Amsterdam.  The future looks bright with The Third Eye Collection’s line of high style shades.  Sunglasses that are designed with a new level of creativity and detail.  This is exactly what you get when Dutch designer Marcel Wonders from Moooi teams up with the Korean eyewear brand, Gentle Monster.  The design is influenced by the Egyptian hieroglyph drawings, which feature an ‘O’ symbol connected to the human eye.  The Trinity, Divinity, Infinity, and Sincerity are the four styles under the The Third Eye Collection.  The mix of materials, shapes, colors, and experimental design are indeed fashion forward.  But they are not too out of reach for those that are a bit bored with the more traditional eyewear.  Have some fun with your style.  Seriously!  The autumn light deserves some fun eyewear this season.  All images from Moooi.  Check out the whole collection!

Bihor Couture’s Story


Something good to share!  Beau Monde, a fashion magazine is partnering with a small town in the Beius Country of Romania to keep their craft alive by creating the brand Bihor Couture.

Fashion designers find their inspiration by traveling around the world and immersing themselves into different cultures and traditions to draw inspiration for their next line.  Unfortunately they don’t always give those communities credit.  But through the awareness and support of Beau Monde the story is changing.  The local creators of Bihor can now sell their 100% authentic Romania design pieces online.  Their handcrafted pieces are bold, bright, unique, and steep in tradition.  The Beius Authentic Jacket is artwork, the scarf is fantastic, and the blouse is simply perfect.  Pieces are for pre-order only due to the length of time that goes into each handcrafted and hand embroidered piece.  Quality takes time.  There is no mass manufacturing here in Bihor.

The video is eye-opening, beautiful, inspiring, and true!  I want to visit these ladies.  I want to befriend them.  They are talented and don’t hold back any punches!  I want to learn their craft.  This story makes my heart sing and it deepens my love for authentic fashion.  Connecting faces to stories is how messages can be conveyed.  Thank you to my dear friend, solid liquids who shared this story with me. Keep them coming my way!  I have been meaning to share this story and no better time than now. Discover Bihor Couture for yourselves and share this story.

video @ Bihore Couture and images @ Branding News

A Post For The Sneakerheads


Have to share this one.  Thrilled to know Boston is representing with not one but two stores on HIGHSNOBIETY’s list of the best sneaker stores around the world that you can access from your favorite device.  Concepts which opened up in 1996 in Cambridge and Bodega who opened their hidden Boston gem in 2006.  I am lucky enough to visit both of these stores in person but the others I can only admire from their websites and social media channels.

To all you sneaker lovers out there, I think you will appreciate HIGHSNOBIETY’s leg work as much as I do.  isostilo recently explored Kith (on this list).  This is definitely where all the cool kids are shopping in NYC.  It is no longer just for the jet setters to hit the hippest places for kicks.  Check out the list!

(image from isostilo at Kith)

Vote Like A Mother

Discovering Vote Like A Mother on insta had me googling the website and I immediately felt inspired, encouraged, and curious about a movement that began organically by one mom, Sara Berliner.  Here is the mission straight from Vote Like A Mother’s website:

“I started Vote Like a Mother to make parenthood a lens for politics. To promote voting with empathy, kindness, and ferocity. To amplify women’s voices and efforts. And to provide parents with opportunities to contribute, recognizing that we all have something to give — be it time, money, or a platform.”

“When I think about voting like a mother, I think about improving our world locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. When you bring the concepts of care and respect into the voting booth, when your purpose is to build rather than to tear down, you’re voting like a mother. There are lots of people that fit this description. Adoptive parents, stepparents, families of choice, trans people, guardians, aunties, grandmas — it’s about purpose, and about shared values of acceptance, equity, justice, and love.”

The most important action at this moment is exercising your right to vote.  Mid term elections are happening and in many places early voting is underway.  Spreading the word, encouraging others, and inviting others to join you to vote should be all our goals.  Voting is your voice.  My neighbor sent me a text to join her for early voting.  We strolled, we chatted, and we voted.  Yes, I would have gone regardless but going with a friend was a bonus and seizing the free moment to act felt good.  I am hoping a few posts and my new Vote Like A Mother sweatshirt will encourage others to get out and vote.  Perhaps you will also find other ways to get involved but voting is a priority!

Vote Like A Mother

Vote Like A Mother is a great resource and maybe it will speak to you.  Meanwhile I will be wearing my heart on my sleeve.  No, you don’t need to buy the sweatshirt or tee shirt.  But if you do, 100% of the profits are donated to mom run nonprofits.  Thank you to Vote Like A Mother for your efforts, platform, and spreading encouragement.  Your passion is real and it is kind.  It is contagious.  TOGETHER WE VOTE and TIME TO VOTE LIKE A MOTHER.  I DID!

information on early voting dates and locations for Massachusetts