Mountain Weekends

It can be such a mixed bag of winter weather when one heads to New England’s ski mountains.  The range of weather is unpredictable.  We travel to Vermont pretty much every weekend in the winter.  The boys are skiers.  I am at best a fair weather skier.  I do love the idea of skiing but the cold scares me as well as tumbling down the trail with my butt and skis in the air.  It is also important to mention that I am painfully slow!  So I try to spare my family’s embarrassment and opt for snowshoeing or a trail hike.  But when I do surprise my family when I put on the skis, it is always so nice to take a few runs with my boys!  Later this week we head to Montana so I have put together a winter post as I pack just the essentials.

I require warm gear to embrace the elements.  I love warm layers.  I have great luck with both Nike (PRO HYPERWARM line) and Under Armour (Cold Gear Armour line) for base layers.  My KJUS jacket is one of my best investment pieces.  It is from their Freelite collection.  It is knitted, warm, and super comfortable to wear.  This Swiss company simply makes great products that are designed for function.  Mittens, I love my tried and true Hestra and beloved by many outdoor enthusiasts but my Astis are a nice alternative.  A new find that I am enjoying are some playful bandanas that are double lined.  I also find them handy for the post hat head.  I found them in Big Sky and unfortunately they have no label so I can’t share the source.  The idea is planted so you could make them yourselves if you are crafty!  Perhaps isostilo may surprise you down the road.  I have included some snow/hiking boots.  La Sportiva boots are the best that I have found.  I wear them snowshoeing and they keep my feet dry, warm, and have molded perfectly to my feet.  I pair them with some Smartwool socks and off I go!

I am always happily hunting for warm pieces.  Here are a few pieces that are similar to what I own and a few extra pieces that I wouldn’t mind adding to my winter wardrobe. It’s all about getting out to play with just the right pieces.


KJUS jacket, The North Face purist ski pant, Sweaty Betty base layers, Back Country for Smartwool & Hestra gloves, Patagonia neck gaiter, La Sportiva boots from REI.

Pop of color:  If you want some fun retro bottoms then check out these little fancy bottoms from Shinesty. Only to be worn in warmer temps.  I whipped them out recently when the temps were in the 30’s.  They have a similar feel to yoga pants.  Hello!

Pop of fun from Shinesty

Goal: More skiing! Fingers crossed that there are plenty of sunny days, no ice, no wind, low crowds and plenty of fresh powder that drops each night (my skiing requirements, not much to ask for:)

A Touch Of Girliness

Here is a trend that I am playing with at the moment.  I don’t wear earrings much and don’t like to fuss with my hair (lazy girl).  Adding sparkly clips, colorful headbands, and printed scarves creates an effortless look.  Candy colored accessories are everywhere!  Bye Bye Beanie!

Sending you my round-up of inspiration !

Fancy Clips
I Was Never Successful At Pulling Off The Comb But Let Me Try Again ( Peek At The Playful Socks)
Short Hair, Long Hair, They Work !
Glam For The Hair
In This Case, The More Sparkle The Better
Wrap It Up! I Have Always Been A Huge Fan Of Head Scarves
Easy Peasy
Pick One
Oh Marni!
If I Where An Earring Girl, I Would Wear These With My Track Pants, T-Shirt And A Fancy Clip

isostilo has done some online hunting.  Head to Anthropologie if you are digging this post.  I hope you find a style that works for you.  xo


Resist But Resist No More With Greats!

More sneaker porn!  I have to admit my husband has a good eye for finding men’s basics.  A few years ago he in his mind had found the ultimate score with Greats!  Greats is a men’s and women’s sneaker company from Brookyn, New York by the two genius founders, Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi.  They hatched their original plan in 2007 but didn’t launch their brand until 2012.  They wanted to offer very high quality sneakers at a reasonable price through a vertical system that would allow them to design, produce, and sell direct to consumers. No retailer mark up.  Sounds too good to be true, right?!  But they are doing it and crushing it!

Asif is a huge fan.  He thinks that Greats is the sneaker must have for all guys.  The style of Greats is simple, subtle, stylish, and clean.  They are understated, cool, and not in your face.  Think Vans meets Common Projects and meeting in the middle on price.  My sneaker loving husband loves The Wooster and The Royal Classic.  In fact my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and brother have all been gifted Greats.  Ladies next, please!

So with all this Greats obsession, Asif is convinced that the women’s styles would be right up my ally.  But it hasn’t been till now that I think I’m ready for some Greats!  Maybe it is due to my sneaker love affair and my new foot issue.  Sneakers are so easy to wear in the city and it is my preferred choice of footwear these days.  Damn, I hate when he is spot on!

Get ready for some men’s greatness:

Wear The Pronto Vintage With Anything
The Rosen For The Weekend
The Royale High Is All You Need
Step Up Your Game With The Royale
The Wooster, Loved By All


Get ready for some women’s greatness:

Spring Forward With The Royale Perforated
The Clean And Simple Alta
Run Out The Door With The Wooster
The Royal Platinum, To Be Worn Now!
Just In! The Royal in Light Blue.

Don’t need new kicks?  How about the newly released slides?!

Love Me Some New Slides
Nice Twist!

Fact: They sell out like hot cakes so be sure to have a couple of runner ups!

all pics from Greats.

Coffee & Coconuts

I have to share a super fun coffee spot (of course!) in Amsterdam.  Coffee & Coconuts, a former cinema is located in the de Pijp district.  The brick wall interior is softened by large wooden communal tables, cozy cushioned lounge spaces, and filled with greens.  I have total plant envy (note to self to create a home jungle)  CC has a delicious and killer menu if you can’t survive on beans.  A perfect place to enjoy by yourself or to gather with friends.  Love it, Love it, Love it!

Beautiful And Bright Space
Coffee Station Ready To Grind
View From The Top
Liquids Only This Morning. Fresh Smoothie And A Flat White For Me!
Yes, I Am going To Snap A Pic
Birthday Coffees! Happy Birthday Donna
I Think This Is The Ladies Bathroom.  Nice Coconuts:)
Smile! So Clever
I Think I’m Delirious From The Lack Of Sleep. But This Smoothie Is Bringing Me Back Around

Maison NL Concept Store

Another new shop for me, Maison NL.  Maison NL is a concept store in Amsterdam offering a well curated selection of speciality products ranging from fashion pieces, home accessories, jewelry to gifts for your little ones.  This store is packed with gems.  Honestly, I typically would not spend so much time in a store that is covered floor to ceiling with merchandise.  But I found myself eyeing things left and right.  A great place to buy yourself or someone else a gift.  Super fun to browse with a friend!

Maison NL
A Bit Of A Theme
Maison NL
Eclectic Mix
Maison NL
Love The Feathers
Maison NL
Lots Going On Here But Really Kind Of Love It
Maison NL
Random But Eye Catching. Bed Hugger Panties!
Maison NL
Christian Lacroix Puzzle
Maison NL
Beautiful And Simple Gift Wrapping With A Bit Of Detail



Let’s Do Amsterdam!

The first day is typically a fight for me to stay awake.  But not this time.  I am traveling alone to Amsterdam to celebrate one of my dearest friend’s birthday.  So no time to nap!  I must enjoy every minute of my visit!  I never get bored with Amsterdam.  I fall deeper in love every visit.  Sitting in cafes with friends and strolling the streets is my favorite way to spend my days.  It is day one and I’m off with my girlfriends!!

First Stop, Bocca! Liquid Fuel Is Needed
Flat Whites All Around
Spiegel Shop
Get Your Dutch On!
Dutch Objects
How Can I Fit This Vase Into My Suitcase?
Dutch Objests
The Sweetest Handmade Pieces
Sweet Pieces
The Donut!
Dutch Bikes
Your Bike Says It All!

Coffee and jet lag go great together.  So Bocca, a new coffee spot for me was the first stop.  The space is bright, inviting and they serve a great cup of coffee.  I also popped into a favorite store of mine, Spiegel Amsterdam.  It is Dutch design shop that sells only products made in Holland.  The perfect place to shop for gifts for yourself and others.

Fresh Juice Break. Seriously, How Cool Is This Space?!
Shops Of Amsterdam
Window Shopping
City Sights
Leaning In!
Friendly Bugs
More Coffee Please! Toki Time
Happy Place
Getting Our Buzz On

My girlfriends and I continued strolling with no signs of jet lag (shocking for me and I felt amazing)! Perhaps keeping my caffeine consumption in the mix was key.  I was introduced to another fab and hip coffee shop, Toki.  Loved the vibe!  I wasn’t sure if the coffee was going to match up to the coolness.  After a few sips, I was wondering if we would be able to come back!

Perfect Timing For This Activity
I Am Not A Tourist:)
Bikes, Boats, Flowers and My Old Street, Lauriergracht
The Best Park To Exlore
Conservatorium Hotel
Skins Cosmetics, Your Senses Will Love It!
Conservatorium Hotel
Last Stop!
Convervatorium Hotel
Sipping and Smiling

An amazing afternoon with my girlfriends.  Fell in love with another new shop, Papabubble.  A delightful candy shop that makes their own hard candies on sight.  The name alone makes me smile.  We were lucky enough to catch lollipops in the making (which also came with some sweet sampling).  I had to buy a few treats for my son:).  The final stop of the day, the Conservatorium Hotel.  The Conservatorium Hotel is a stunning hotel located in the Museum District.  It is an architectural gem.  The hotel has a beautiful, bright, and inviting lounge to enjoy drinks and nibbles.  We sat and laughed while sipping vino!!  A perfect start to the week!

Fact:  The jet lag is kicking in and I am seeing doubles as I type.  Good night!

isostilo style

Funny how something unexpected can spark your style creativity.  I am inspired by the Japanese styled Kit Kat packaging.  It is no secret the Japanese have killer style and a killer eye for every little detail.  I’m becoming a fan of adding some pop of color to my style.  I am raiding my closet and playing with new and old pieces.  It is my new challenge, making old feel new again!  Get ready for occasional posts focused on my “closet style”.  To keep your real estate, you must be worn!

isostilo style
Kit Kat Inspiration!
My Indoor House Party Slides
Ruffles For Anytime
Bring On The Closet Challenge

Blouse:  Loving the green (thxs Kit Kat box for the reminder)!  This is an old blouse purchased from a small shop on The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes) in Amsterdam.  I remember purchasing this top before motherhood (12 years ago, yikes!) thinking it was feminine with the ruffles while falling in love with the deep green color.  It is now a vintage Luella blouse.  Paired with a high-waisted denim.

Slides:  I took a risk last winter on a these Tomas Maier slides.  They were a final sale purchase off Net A Porter .  I bought them thinking they would become my indoor house slides for when we had guests over.  They fell into the closet vortex.  Welcome back!  They made their reappearance during a family celebration we hosted for my father in law’s birthday.

isostilo style:  I tend to wear a simple everyday uniform but I like to hunt for timeless pieces that I can pull out for those fun occasions.