TOURISTS, Welcome To The Berkshires!


Delighted is all I can say when I came across this little gem in a Vanity Fair article.  Just add another easy weekend getaway to your bucket list especially if you live in New England.  When something as stylish, cool, and so perfect as the TOURIST, a new 48 room boutique hotel presents itself and is a 2.5 hour drive from Boston then the tranquil escape is calling.  TOURIST is located in the picturesque town of North Adams along the Hoosic River with the Berkshires as the backdrop. It is a city escape that is rich in natural beauty.  Based on the website it highlights itself as being a retreat with everything designed to make your stay a dreamy experience that will connect you with nature, adventure, culinary delight, and simplicity.  The space alone looks so appealing with its clean, simple decor and big window views of the outdoors.  Explore the website for yourself.  It is beautifully crafted with a history of the area as well as lovely list of places for you to explore.  Also take a peek at the VF article for more praise on TOURIST! images from photographers Tina Giovan and Nick Simonite off Vanity Fair Magazine



Hallelujah for this beauty necessity!  We all sweat and the au naturale doesn’t cut it ladies at least not with the pits.  I am always on the hunt for an all natural deodorant that performs and that is skin friendly.  A healthy lifestyle goes beyond exercise and what we eat.  What we put on our skin is equally important.  A friend shared LAVANILA with me sometime ago but I just got around to giving it a swipe.  The sport luxe solid stick is amazing!  Tried, true, and tested from my everyday strolling to breaking a sweat in the gym along with city temps in the 90’s.  LAVANILA is an all natural solid stick with no aluminum, no harsh chemicals, and no parabens.  The Sport Luxe is clean with a slight sweet scent.  Big fan here! Pretty website to boot as well as an interesting underarm detox mask (never knew this was a thing).

image from LAVANILA




Delicate, soft, comfortable, no rubbing, no hooks, no fuss, no itchy material, and sexy!  You just might not take it off.  A new bra is on the market and is making a fashionable entrance into women’s lingerie drawers.  At the moment, it only comes in black and white (perfect) but nude is on the way.  Vogue has tagged this with “This Might Be The Most Comfortable Bra You Will Ever Wear!”  I am listening and I am ordering.  Did I also mention these lovely bras are $44.00?!  They are designed in DC and made in the USA.


image from underbares

Style x 2


As I was searching for some inspiration for possible new sunglasses, I came across style icons Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair (great movie and will watch again on my upcoming trip).  Not only the eyewear but the fisherman sweater, trench, headscarf, and neutral tones have me thinking they exude cool, perfect style.  These pics also reaffirm that all these pieces should be in everyone’s wardrobe.  They are timeless and classic.  What else can I say?  I just recently checked off the fisherman sweater and love it.  I will be trying on the SM iconic style Persol’s 649- Originals as well as the ISBA from Oliver Peoples.  Trenches and scarves, every stylish designer has their take in this department.  So find your favorite and it will be worth the investment.

images off Pinterest

Got You Covered, Fedora Style

Dune Fedora


Love this summer travel hat from Tracy Watts.  A foldable hat that you can tuck into its sweet travel bag.  Besides that fact, you can wear it with everything and you can pack it in your suitcase!  On a long haul flight, the last thing you want to do is guard your straw hat from getting crushed.  The Dune Asymmetrical Fedora comes in a natural color with white, melon, or blue stitching.  They are handmade.  The raw edging is perfection!

(If you like hats take a peek at an earlier post about Lola Hats)

images from Tracy Watts, made in Brooklyn, New York