My Simple Facial Routine

I have been fortunate thus far with no major skin issues except dryness, sun spots, and of course wrinkles. I enjoy the occasional facials but really no lasting benefits other than it feels great with an after glow that lasts for a week. One needs to continue the process at home for lasting results. Slowly I have made changes. Adopting a new routine is just like keeping active and eating healthy. Soon it becomes your new normal. Do your best and find a good dermatologist.

Here is a new facial routine that proves to be working(for me).

Facial razor, YES! I love it and do it once a month. Results are amazing! I don’t like waxing. It feels too harsh. I have light peach fuzz (who doesn’t?!). There it is, a lady razor. Watch a YouTube video if you are curious.

A twice a week facial scrub proves to be a benefit. Washing my face twice a day is a game changer (duh!). A cleanser and face cream both from TATCHA now sit on my bathroom counter. Love them both for delivering a soft and dewy glow. Eye cream for mornings and night. Bleaching cream for my dark spots is actually working. Vitamin C also added to the cocktail. Sunscreen ALL THE TIME. Nothing fancy with this routine. But committed.

TATCHA products (face wash & face cream), OLEHENRIKSEN (eye cream), CAUDALIE (scrub), and Supergoop (sunscreen) all can be found at Sephora, Razors, Bleaching Cream and Vitamin C (both recommended from my dermatologist)

Also swapping in Drunk Elephant products for travel. I will let you know how I like it. Always good to change it up. TATA HARPER (face cream) is also nice. See earlier post if you missed it.




images from Harper’s BAZAAR

Coming off a recent NYC weekend with my gal pals.  Hence this girly post and the places you visit with your besties!

Glossier is taking the beauty world by storm with its skin care, make up, body, and fragrance. There is a cult following with Glossier. Wait in line, wait your turn, chat with other G fans then join a small group to take the elevator to the insta worthy pent house apartment.  That is what you do if you wish to experience the Glossier Showroom in NYC.  The small minimalistic apartment is highlighted with shades of pink to accent the white interior space with editors that are wearing pink mechanic’s jumpsuits ready to assist you.  You will have a ball smelling, touching, and experiencing all the Glossier products even the ones that are out of stock.  It is a girl’s dream oasis.  You will see slogans of You Look Good or Dew It on the mirrors and walls.  Before you know it you are walking out a bit more glossy, a tad lighter in the wallet, and swinging a clear bubble package with your name on it.  Order online when you run out and don’t fret they have gone international.  Glossier

Mother’s Day

Funny how slowing down gives you time to reflect and can make you question everything but also appreciate the obvious especially with Mother’s Day here.

My mother is my inspiration.  She is my dear friend and someone I admire.  My mom is truly happy with everything.  She takes each day as it comes to her and she never complains.  She takes nothing for granted and holds on to her family and friends like gold.  She is kindhearted by nature and truly a gift.  I look at my mother for who she is.  I never want her to be someone else.  She is stunning and when I look at her face it tells me a story .  A story that I am part of.  Each wrinkle represents something.  Gosh she has raised two children and it wasn’t easy.  So her beautiful face comes with a lifetime of experiences.  My mom has wrinkles of love that reflect the worries and the laughter from her children and sweet grandchildren.  She has a face of a warrior who has beaten cancer twice.  She has a face that loves her husband more than anything (well at times he is competing with Bentley, their dog).  She has spent too much time in the sun without a sun hat or sunscreen.  My point is that I never look at her and wish she would perfect herself because there is nothing to perfect.  I cherish her story with absolute acceptance.  I hope that my son will always look at me the same way and always see our never ending journey together.

Mother's Day

This is personal but I know I am not alone.  I have conversations all the time with friends about aging and about not trying to fight it but at the same time how to feel our best and not feel so consumed by it.  For the time being, I am taking the path of what I value and appreciate about myself.  I will hunt for ways to help me along the way.  Maybe there is a magic cream that can just ease and slow down the aging process.  If anyone finds the magic cocktail, please share it with me.

I wish I had been more diligent in my youthful days about the sun.  Truth be told I do love to be a bit sun-kissed!  But I am setting goals for myself and those are what I am chasing.  How do we find the right amount of balance for ourselves? How much are willing to intervene with what is a natural process when it comes to aging?  I am not really sure but there has to be something in the middle that can keep us aging gracefully in a time where there is a fix for everything.  I mean getting old and aging is inevitable. Maybe just changing our focus and looking through a different lens can be more powerful than we think? What do you think?

Mother's Day
Stripes and Smiles!

I write this on Mother’s Day because it seems appropriate.  I wish for all woman to fully embrace themselves and to travel the path that is best for you not the expectation that society has set.  Let’s take care of ourselves and support one another. Share stories and find ways to celebrate each other.  Happy Mother’s Day and cheers to all the woman and moms who inspire us.  Please share how you maintain your healthy glow!  xo

Beauty Fav

Lips Only
3 New Additions

Very excited for my lips to have a refreshing splash of color for the winter months.  I want a quick hint of color with that au naturel look!  The EVE LOM Kiss Mix  is moisturizing with a soft sheen.  I have been wearing it on its own and as a base for my two new lipsticks from LIPSTICK QUEEN.

Eden is a fab semi sheer red.  Baby steps towards approaching a true red.  I love that it is moisturizing with a pop of color.  Perfect for an evening night out.  Golden box number two, The Saint Coral, is the perfect everyday lipstick.  A pale nude with a hint of brown.  My day time look is natural and no fuss.  Lip gloss is as fancy as I typically get.  So to find a lipstick to wear during the day while running around has been a score.  Maybe 2018 will have me branching out a little more in the makeup world.  Especially after watching The Crown.  Margaret’s makeup is so moody and glamorous!  I’m thinking a lesson or two first would be wise to avoid looking like the joker.

Did you know? Lipstick Queen was founded by Poppy King an eighteen year old at the time from Melbourne Australia, who couldn’t find her perfect lipstick.  There you have it!

Beauty Survival

Best Friends
Can’t live without!

Meet my three best friends!  At the moment they are all getting equal attention.  Winter is rough on the skin and lips.  Working Hands is a life saver! It is creamy to put on and absorbs immediately with no tacky residue.  It is all business with results and cheap to boot. You can purchase on Amazon and have it when you wake up.  My lip love and obsession is  with Kiehl’s facial fuel.  It is a no shine moisturizing lip balm from their men’s line (I stole it from my husband:) It is damn effective.  The key ingredient is shea butter.  No more dry lips and it feels heavenly.  Last but not least, Vaseline is just a workhorse and not to ever be forgotten!  One should always have this little jar in their arsenal bag.  Apply it to lips, hands, feet etc.

Interesting fact:  O’Keeffe’s roots date back 20 years.  The hand cream was developed by a daughter for her father, Bill O’Keeffe. Is that not the sweetest bit to know about this product?!  Bill was a rancher in the Klamath Basin, which is along the California and Oregon border.  I am totally going to check out their other products specifically the healthy feet!


Hey, Hey let’s not mess with my coffee ritual. But let’s see if I can add another booster to my day.

On to something new this 2018!  A friend raves about this twice a day essential vitamin.  Why is taking a vitamin seem so hard to remember?  I love rituals , I love to exercise, I try to practice an overall balanced life style.  A vitamin should be as easy for me as my morning coffee ritual.  I am giving this a go and I am on day seven.  Hopefully in about two to three weeks, I should be feeling some benefits.  I am committed to staying the course and seeing if I can report back to you glowing results.  I’m hoping for a full tank of gas and radiant skin.  Stay tuned for a Ritual update!