Just Add Some Attitude



Everyone needs a workhorse boot.  I have been contemplating Dr. Martens.  Originally designed for the British working class, they have evolved over the years to be a subcultural necessity with everyday appeal.  I like the versatility and utilitarian style of the Dr. Martens.  They simply mean business.  The yellow welt stitch, thick sole, and yellow heel loop with their brand label are the distinguishing features.  You can’t help but notice them on the street.  They are quality, modestly priced, and have been around since 1901.  They certainly compliment denim but would give a skirt or dress some edge.  Dr. Martens are for those who choose to deviate from the norm.  “Music is the heartbeat of the brand” thanks to Pete Townshend of The Who and the early multi-cultural ska-loving skinheads for changing the brand forever!  Always to be worn with your own individual style! Dr. Martens (all images from Dr. Martens)

For The Love Of Church’s

Before another storm hits New England, I must get some wear out of these boots!  Sometimes you have to hunt.  It is also part of the fun.  I had been hunting for my perfect black boots for longer than I want to admit.  Here were my requirements: black, low heel, edgy, and would be worn year after year.  Boots have been ordered, boots have returned.  One of the benefits of online shopping!  I don’t think I am alone on this one.  I have hit every store in Boston and beyond.  Believe me, there are boots out there that get me excited but I’m fussy, focused and no regretful purchases please.  With my endless searching along came Church’s studded, glossed leather, handcrafted, classic wingtip style black boot. Love at first sight.  An absolute investment purchase.  Welcome to my closet!  Totally worth the hunt.  I am in LOVE.  Rock n Roll baby!  I’m breaking them out and breaking them in!  To be worn with everything!

Time to break you in

History Fact:  This fine English company was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons.

Fun Fact:   Tony Blair had a pair he called “lucky pair” and British Secret Service agent,  Mr. James Bond aka Pierce Brosnan wore a selection of  Church’s to complement his Brioni suits.  Need I say more to justify this investment?!


Sometimes it is just fun to surf the web and curate while sipping some coffee on a Saturday morning.  I find myself bouncing from one site to another.  Exploring anything from fashion, lifestyle, health, or pop culture.  Today I have found a few fashion pieces that have my eye.  It all started with the black suede Neous boots.  They are sculptural, elegant, and funky in my opinion.  The boots speak for themselves.  Seriously this heel is amazing!  Easily paired with any denim.  Absolutely digging these mid rise, straight leg in light denim from the Brock Collection.  The Acne Studios bomber style jacket found on Vestiaire Collective is just cozy like a teddy bear but hip because it is from always edgy Acne!  The icing on the cake are these Rebecca De Ravenel’s two drop earrings.  Soft pink, I like it!  xo