Shades of Green For Your Home

Living With Green
Algerian Ivy , Creeping Charlie, and Jade

Give me some green!  You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the natural beauty of greens in your home.  Creating that outdoor vibe inside your home is so lovely especially on those gloomy days.  It is a said that plants bring happiness and life into your home.  I believe this to be true.  Who doesn’t smile seeing a living wall or canopy of greenery when you walk into a space?!  Begin with low-maintenance plants that require just a bit of weekly attention.  For inspiration and motivation check out The Sill.  I’m a fan!

Style Tip: Mad Hatter

You are either a hat person or you are not.  Exploring the chic street style brim hat. A stylish staple with a long history.  A hat that effortlessly adds a uniqueness to your personal style.  The brim hat is a classic fashion piece meant to be worn.  A playful accessory that is worth considering.  Goorin Bros. is a nice place to explore for an approachable option.  They know a thing or two about hats with a history in the hat making world since 1895.  Or take a peek at Parisian millenary, Maison Michel.  They are beautiful!  Check out Farfetch. (all images from Pinterest)  Don’t over think this accessory.  

Make It Tonight No Skills Required!

Food 52 Honey Garlic Chicken

Most likely you have all the ingredients in your pantry minus the chicken.  Here is a recipe from Food 52.  It just maybe the quickest and easiest mid-week meal you can make under 30 minutes.  I suggest roasting your favorite veggie in a baking pan alongside the chicken.  I opted for the dutch oven method for simplicity as well as adding brown rice and watercrest greens to make this a healthy all in one bowl.  Comfort food!  Check out Food 52 recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken  recipe.  


Lemaire x Uniqlo Drop

It is no secret that Uniqlo does it well.  You can count on them for all your wardrobe essentials.  They are committed to simple and functional designs for every day living at an affordable price.  Also Uniqlo’s collaborations are consistently good.  They partner with designers who understand their core values.  Check out the Lemaire collaboration that just dropped.  One to not miss!  It is a collection of elevated basics found in warming tones and bold accents.  The long sleeve pullover sweatshirt is a favorite.  A simple no logo and well designed sweatshirt with a nice neckline is hard to find.  One would think this is a simple task but not so much.  Lemaire nailed it in my opinion with their updated version of U’s classic sweatshirt.  The boxy relaxed silhouette with a mock collar is feminine and sporty.  It is offered in five colors.  The pink is pretty fab for spring!  Check out the entire collection.  I also like the simplicity of the ultra light puffy and the men’s black hoody (very nice!).


The Non-Movement Trend For Weekends!


Sleep and rest are the keys to healthy and happy days.  Between Christmas and New Year, I will be practicing the art of lounging.  In fact, I plan on taking full advantage of all the upcoming winter weekends with some lazy downtime and turning off my screen.  Which is why a stylish uniform for lounging is always welcomed.  Sleepy Jones has a sleepwear collection that says it is ok to just pause and enjoy a quiet moment. Here’s to a new goal for 2019. I am with Sleepy Jones’ non-movement approach to slowing down. Wishing you most rest and relaxation this holiday season and beyond.  Sleepy Jones

The Boston Ballet

The Boston Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker is absolutely magical!  A night to escape and be swept away.  The stage comes alive with movement, music, and imagery.  In 2012 Mikko Nissinen, the Artistic Director, revamped the whole production with an all new direction for the sets, choreography, costumes, and characters.  Over 350 new costumes have been hand sewn and painted.  The sets are all created by craftsmen and women from all over the United States.  It is a performance that has become one Boston’s most cherished events during the holiday season.  A tradition for many family and friends to enjoy. Now playing at The Boston Opera House till December 30th.  The Boston Ballet is treat year round!  Having an experience creates memories which you will always treasure.  Happy Holidays! 

(all images from The Boston Ballet)

Get Creative, Get Personal With Converse

Here is gift idea that may be perfect for someone on your list!  The Blank Canvas bar at Converse’s Lovejoy Wharf, Boston is fantastic.  Being able to customize your own sneakers is super cool and super fun!  I recently experienced the process with my nieces and nephew designing their Chuck Taylor’s for their Christmas presents.  The process is a DIY project that is creative, interactive, and a great activity for all ages.  It is your chance to put your own personal stamp on your sneakers.  Cool right?!

First you pick your sneaker then you can customize everything down to the grommets.  The staff is helpful navigating you through the process.  There are iPads loaded with different prints and design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Depending on how busy the bar is you may be able to walk out with your freshly personalized kicks or simply have them shipped.  If you don’t have a Blank Canvas near you then you can customize online.  

Check out an earlier post for a bit more detail on the store if you are interested.