Bad Boy Chic With Nili Lotan

Voile NLShirt

Military Pant

Humphrey Blazer

Leather Trench

Eliaanna Silk Top

Nico Lambskin Leather Pant

Anitra Turtleneck

Libson Jean
All pics from Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan nails that tomboy edge while maintaining a clean and minimalist style.  A look that catches my eye.  Rock n roll, city life, and a certain sexiness is delivered each season.  One must just be confident to rock it.  It is all personal style.  Having some edge and grit to your look is a good thing.  Give me those loose-fitting cognac lambskin pants any day of the week.  Absolutely killer!  Nili Lotan is not known for the most approachable prices.  This season each one of these pieces are ridiculous.  But the fashion inspiration is fully appreciated!  Take the shapes, lines, textures, style, effortless appeal, and run with it.  Find your happy edge.

Make Room For Teva This Summer!

Seriously!  Teva is rocking some serious style.  They have been around since 1984.  Maybe known to the adventurous outdoorsman but the stylish urbanites are now onto them.  Priced under $100 with the exception of a couple of styles.  That alone should have your attention.  These sandals will keep you grounded and current.  They are not making a come back because they never left!  Rock them with a sock or go bare foot to hit the beach.  Find the Teva that is right for you this summer!



Teva has isostilo booking a pedi! All pics from Teva.