Useful Quarantine Tips For Your Kitchen

I don’t think anyone has quarantine down to perfection. It is not the time to waste food, over spend, and certainly not a time to be greedy. You also don’t want to be running to the grocery store daily. So I have been looking for some helpful guidance to help me make wise and smart choices for our home.

Stocking up on pantry stables can be daunting. Here are a couple of sites that you may find helpful.

Pic from Ina Garten’s Insta

Ina on insta is posting daily simple pantry meals to whip up. Here is an Ina’s quarantine pantry via Food52. FYI you will find yourself going down the Food52 rabbit hole of tasty recipes.

Good House Keeping also shared some helpful tips.

Epicurious shared a lovely 14-day meal plan of pantry-sourced dinners.

My tip: Take an inventory of what you have first by cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator before shopping. In your free time scan instagram. Lots of chefs are sharing easy recipes that are tasty, minimal, and economical.


Fruit Lovers Only

The season for fresh juicy peaches and vibrant berries is here. Last weekend, the peaches and berries were on full display at the farmers market.  I am already regretting not buying more of them.   The season is short and you must take advantage of your local farmer’s bounty.  Pick them yourself if you have the time.  Such a wonderful summer activity.  I have found two different ways to enjoy these summer delights from epicurious that if times allows, I will give a go.  Otherwise, I will add them to my greek yogurt or enjoy them one bite at a time while lounging on deck.

Peach Salad, Blueberry and Corn Crisp from epicurious.  And if you are really up for enjoying some peaches long after the season then this jam looks damn tasty (maybe it is the bourbon that caught my attention).

Light Bites and Sips For Summer Nights

Le-Grand-Aioli-Classic French Dish

Summer Cocktail

The Fixings For A Cocktail

Always searching for entertaining dishes that can be made ahead for those hot summer nights.  Pick up your fresh produce from your local farm stand to serve up the rainbow.  Being able to have friends over with little effort is the goal but in all honesty nothing goes without effort and some prep.  Here is a fab classic French platter that I will be giving a go to share with friends.  Bring this lovely platter to any summer gathering for something to noche on. Try Goop’s Green Goddess dressing for a healthy alternative to the aioli.    I also stumbled across a bright and light cocktail that can be sipped all summer long. Hydrating with watermelon sounds pretty perfect to me.  I am also sharing a lovely list of 30 Rose`s to enjoy from Food & Wine.  Time to trade in the red for all those lovely shades of pink.  Cheers to summer!

images @ Food 52 and Epicurious