Cuffing Around, NYC

MEJURI! Think of MEJURI as the Warby Parker of jewelry. Quality jewelry for modern day women with an affordable price tag. The middle man is removed along with its traditional mark up. They have partnered with high quality designers and manufacturers to insure a beautiful product.

MEJURI currently has three showrooms: NYC, LA, and Toronto. But don’t expect to leave the store with your new shiny purchase. Explore the store, try on pieces, order it on the spot, and then roughly a few days later it will arrive at your door. I enjoyed the NYC showroom. A lovely experience with plenty of staff to assist you. I love the concept of an online experience brought to life. Well done!

If you plan on strolling NYC anytime soon, here are a few recommendations.

Have coffee here at Coffee Project, have bite to eat at Dimes (hip & damn good), see American art at the Whitney Museum, early breakfast with coffee at Kava Cafe, and for drinks with a view, try citizen M! NAKED is worth a peek if you find yourself in Nolita. New York is all about exploring and trying new spots. Don’t forget to walk the High Line.

Get Creative, Get Personal With Converse

Here is gift idea that may be perfect for someone on your list!  The Blank Canvas bar at Converse’s Lovejoy Wharf, Boston is fantastic.  Being able to customize your own sneakers is super cool and super fun!  I recently experienced the process with my nieces and nephew designing their Chuck Taylor’s for their Christmas presents.  The process is a DIY project that is creative, interactive, and a great activity for all ages.  It is your chance to put your own personal stamp on your sneakers.  Cool right?!

First you pick your sneaker then you can customize everything down to the grommets.  The staff is helpful navigating you through the process.  There are iPads loaded with different prints and design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Depending on how busy the bar is you may be able to walk out with your freshly personalized kicks or simply have them shipped.  If you don’t have a Blank Canvas near you then you can customize online.  

Check out an earlier post for a bit more detail on the store if you are interested.

Gifts For The Home

I like to think about giving a gift that one would not buy for themselves.  Lovely pieces for the kitchen and home are always a welcoming treat. There are many beautifully crafted possibilities.  Consider your recipient’s hobbies, interests, and aesthetic.  Get creative and make it personal.  Perhaps think about pairing the lovely paper napkins with a small floral arrangement or the pitcher and syrup accompanied with your favorite pancake recipe.  They all are oh so perfect whether it is a small gesture gift or a celebratory gift.  It just depends on the occasion. 

Starting from the top left:

Linen Tea Towel, Alessi Tree Diffuser, Neutral Sky Candle, Petite Silo Pitcher & Syrup, Vintage Glasses, John Derian Paperweight, Black Burgundy Truffle, Ceramic Tree Ornaments, Bird Paper Napkins, Laguiole Cheese Knives, Wine O’s, Shibori Dyed Cocktail Napkins

French Twist

Super fan of this cool girl clean look!  Sylvain Le Hen from France is designing sleek hair accessories that will delight your eyes.  They are minimalistic and beautifully crafted.  Who knew hair accessories could take on an architectural vibe?  Subtle, bold, clean, and utilitarian all come to mind when I see these art forms disguised as hair clips.  Sylvain Le Hen hair accessories would make for a lovely gift.  I am asking Santa for the red raw band.  I have the disc and long clip.  Hopefully Santa reads my blog! (all images from Sylvain Le Hen)  For a local US online retailer with the most selection head to Founders & Followers.

Holiday Gifting To Sip, Savor, And Share

Who wouldn’t love a tasty cheese basket, fresh citrus, or a wine surprise?!  Holiday season is upon us and the hunt is on for online speciality gifts.  Here are a few ideas for your gourmet loving friends who would enjoy something to nibble and sip.   Cheers!

Starting from the top left!

For the family, Holiday Goodies from Olive & Cocoa

For the chocolate lover, The Signature Crate from L.A.Burdick

For the savory, Cheese or Charcuterie Club from Dean & Deluca

For those who enjoy wine, Vinebox

The best ever Peppermint Bark with a cult following is from Williams Sonoma

Say no more with a Cheese Lover’s Basket from Formaggio Kitchen

Happy Holidays with a Magnolia Wreath from Dean & Deluca

For those who appreciate craft beer, The Craft Beer Club

Stay Healthy with fresh apples from Pak it Rite

Sunshine in a box from Hale Groves 

His And Hers (New Find)

The Ember Moc

Ember Colors

Oh Yeah, it is a fall Sunday and it’s a sweats kinda of day.  isostilo is thinking about this new release from Teva.   A cozy pull on and maybe just the hippest slipper like shoe armed with a sole for your next trip anywhere.  A women’s and men’s mocs/ slipper called the Ember Moc.  They come in a selection of fun fall colors that will having you contemplating a purchase for yourself or better yet to gift.  A sleeping bag for your foot, say no more.

The Embers are one of those items that you may not feel you need till you own them.  Stepping out on a crisp morning or running out to grab something from your car, then you have that moment of I LOVE THESE.  They seem like a perfect lounge shoe and I think I want them or are they too campy?  But they are certainly an alternative to other slippers out there.  Add these to isostilo’s previous post, Weekend Ready. Teva

Lounging With Lunya

Here is a little something that we all can appreciate.  Happy Sunday ladies!

Who doesn’t love coming home at the end of the day and immediately changing into loungewear?!  I pretty much race up the stairs to change.  But do you struggle a bit to find something that is stylish that is not full on pajama mode?  If the doorbell rang would you hide?!  The problem is that spending money on sleepwear/ loungewear can get over looked.  But time to reconsider.  Lunya is a game changer.  They are shaking up the sleepwear world with luxury pieces that offer a refreshing modern spin to something that just lacked excitement and thoughtful design.  The pieces are comfortable, flattering, and well just perfect for every woman.  Lunya is meant to be seen and not hidden.  Compliment with underbares.

Silk Jumpsuit
Washable Silk

Siro Jogger
Own Them, Love Them! The Joggers

Organic Pima Muscle Tee
Muscle T with no side boob exposed. Thoughtful design!

Restore Pocket Legging
Simply Perfect

Organic Pima Long Sleeve
Wardrobe Lounge Basics

Restore Short
Rest Your Booty Shorts

Lunya, keep designing for the modern woman.  isostilo is a big fan of yours. Thanks to my sister-in-law who gave me a lovely gift with Lunya lounge pieces.  Best gift to receive!!  All pics are from Lunya.

Weekend Ready!

Hoping that the upcoming Fall weekends will have some spontaneous road trips for apple picking, leaf peeping, and maybe a bit of tailgating.  Here are a few essentials to get you excited for those perfect Fall crisp days.

Fjall Raven Backpack, Patagonia Vest, Hydro Coffee Flask, L.L. Bean’s Hunter’s Tote Bag, Waterproof Outdoor Blanket, Foldable Kermit Chair

(Perhaps you can keep this in your back pocket for gift ideas)

Gift Something Lovely From Lula’s Garden

Celebrate Mother’s Day or any occasion by giving a thoughtful succulent garden.  Lula’s Garden is an online succulent gift box company.  Owner Liraz Birnbaum is providing a lovely alternative to a bouquet of flowers.  Succulents are easy to care for especially if you don’t have a green thumb like me (it is a current goal though).  They are clean, modern, and perfect for a long-lasting gift that brings the outdoors into your home.  Green is trending and so is filling your home with natural beauty.   Be eco conscious this Mother’s Day with a stylish gift from Lula’s Garden.  You can pick out your hand planted garden and its beautiful packaging for that person you love.  Prices are reasonable and delivered with care.


Imagine opening a beautifully packaged box as a gift?!  Thank you to my dear friend Donna, who sent me this gift.  I am happy to share that my succulents are enjoying their new environment. Truly a unique gift! Lula’s Garden sends everything you need including a small funnel and stick to give your sweet succulents a drink.  Lula’s Garden

Put Your Stamp On It!

isostilo has a new local find in Cambridge.  I am a fan of making something your own.  The idea of designing and getting creative with textiles allows you to put your own spin on something.  I love customizing t-shirts for my son’s birthdays.  It has become a fun tradition.  I scored this year with finding  BOSSTOWN Custom Printing & Embroidery in Cambridge.  Honestly I had gone to the Converse store originally but the equipment was under repair.  So I was on the hunt to find a local business.  Having a local shop that is owner occupied is always welcomed.  We have to support our local shops to keep things interesting and unique.  After a brief meet and chat with Melissa, the owner of BOSSTOWN, I knew a super fun t-shirt would be designed.  I am thrilled to have found Melissa.  She is running a business, juggling kids, and delivering a service that I hope all will consider the next time you are looking to personalize some kicks or t-shirts.  I will say that she is located in an unassuming location and you walk through a little maze to find her small space.  Another gem!  BOSSTOWN



New year, new adventures ,more memories, and always smiling! Happy 11!