Gift Something Lovely From Lula’s Garden

Celebrate Mother’s Day or any occasion by giving a thoughtful succulent garden.  Lula’s Garden is an online succulent gift box company.  Owner Liraz Birnbaum is providing a lovely alternative to a bouquet of flowers.  Succulents are easy to care for especially if you don’t have a green thumb like me (it is a current goal though).  They are clean, modern, and perfect for a long-lasting gift that brings the outdoors into your home.  Green is trending and so is filling your home with natural beauty.   Be eco conscious this Mother’s Day with a stylish gift from Lula’s Garden.  You can pick out your hand planted garden and its beautiful packaging for that person you love.  Prices are reasonable and delivered with care.


Imagine opening a beautifully packaged box as a gift?!  Thank you to my dear friend Donna, who sent me this gift.  I am happy to share that my succulents are enjoying their new environment. Truly a unique gift! Lula’s Garden sends everything you need including a small funnel and stick to give your sweet succulents a drink.  Lula’s Garden

Put Your Stamp On It!

isostilo has a new local find in Cambridge.  I am a fan of making something your own.  The idea of designing and getting creative with textiles allows you to put your own spin on something.  I love customizing t-shirts for my son’s birthdays.  It has become a fun tradition.  I scored this year with finding  BOSSTOWN Custom Printing & Embroidery in Cambridge.  Honestly I had gone to the Converse store originally but the equipment was under repair.  So I was on the hunt to find a local business.  Having a local shop that is owner occupied is always welcomed.  We have to support our local shops to keep things interesting and unique.  After a brief meet and chat with Melissa, the owner of BOSSTOWN, I knew a super fun t-shirt would be designed.  I am thrilled to have found Melissa.  She is running a business, juggling kids, and delivering a service that I hope all will consider the next time you are looking to personalize some kicks or t-shirts.  I will say that she is located in an unassuming location and you walk through a little maze to find her small space.  Another gem!  BOSSTOWN



New year, new adventures ,more memories, and always smiling! Happy 11!


Sweetest Surprise!

Wearing It Proudly
New Arm Candy

Look at what the snail mail just delivered to me.  I can’t recall the last time I received an unexpected package in the mail. I will say it was so heart warming to receive an out of the blue gift from a friend.  She had given me a little heads up but I had no idea what would follow.  A small box from M.Flynn, a local jewelry store located in Boston’s South End, had landed on my doorstep.  I opened it up and a huge smile came over my face and the thought bubble of “wow, she really thinks I like this guy!” The bracelet read to me as ASIF which is my husband’s name.  Ha! But it is meant to read AS IF.  I’m a bit slow on the draw.  My new piece of arm candy will be worn proudly all the while thinking of my husband and a sweet friend!  The thought of someone thinking about you when you’re not in their company is such a wonderful feeling.  Here’s to friendship!! xo

Bracelet:  Venessa Arizaga

Crocs And Chocolate Oh My

Say what (I need another coffee for this one)!  Balenciaga and Crocs?!  My dad has been rocking the Crocs for years.  So I am trying to get my head around the fashion hype over the $850 Balenciaga Platform Crocs (apparently already sold out).  Only available in two colors, pink or sand.  BTW this is not a first for Crocs to have their dubbed up footwear strutted on the runway.  The last two years Christopher Kane led the way with them.  Is this cool or absolutely ridiculous?  Maybe a fashion hack is an option if you can’t get your hot little fingers (not possible) on them at Barneys, Saks, and other high-end retailers.  Best of luck!

Balenciaga X Crocs (pic from Vogue)

Read the Vogue article here or read on about my new tasty indulgence, Royce Chocolates.

I do not have much of sweet tooth.  I prefer savory.  But my husband was away and sweetly came home with a gift for me from Japan.  The package had me interested.  He handed me a neatly folded, cool, subtle silver package with a tiny Royce’ sticker that closed the package.  Inside were two beautiful boxes filled with tiny squares of chocolates.  I eventually took a nibble and thought at first I would share them with my chocolate loving husband (I was also thinking this was a gift to himself).  Lets just say I WILL NOT BE SHARING.  The tiny golden square dusted with chocolate melted in my mouth.  Boxes are hidden and I am keeping an inventory.




This high quality, indulgent chocolate was founded in Sapporo in 1983.  The art of Japanese chocolate must be experienced and now Royce’ chocolates can be ordered online in the U.S.  I just learned that I can visit their Boston store for a quick shopping pick me up!  But for now I will savor every nugget of heaven.  Here is another Valentine’s Day gift idea:)


Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day With Greetabl

Meet Greetabl! This unique website makes gift giving fun, customized, and completely personal!  This newish company allows you to hand select every aspect of the perfect gift from the packaging to the tiny treasures inside.  What better timing to discover Greetabl with Valentine’s Day approaching soon.  I am having so much fun just exploring that sharing my find is a must!  Here is a taste of what you will find on Greetabl.   xo


Sweet connection:  As a child I remember receiving every Valentine’s Day a gift from my mom.  She would fill a mug or a small basket with sweets and chocolates from our local gourmet shop.  It was wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a ribbon.  A gift that was simple, thoughtful and hand-picked.  This site is for my mom.  Thank you for your heartfelt gifts.  Big hugs to you!

Galentine’s Day is a thing and it’s all about celebrating your gal pals!!!

Pics from Greetabl


I recently discovered the company 8.6.4 while shopping.   I spotted a stack of gorgeous cashmere ribbed knit beanies in a selection of soft colors.  The pink is particularly eye-catching and was immediately wrapped up to be gifted.

Tats and Ena Otake, are the creative minds behind 8.6.4.  The Japanese husband and wife team have crafted a beautifully edited design company in Brooklyn, New York that makes handmade jewelry and leather goods.  The jewelry line includes lovely necklaces, sweet knotted rings, and a wide range of earrings.  The pearl earrings are sweet, dainty and float on your ear.  A creative twist to the classic pearl stud.  The leather items and nylon bags look particularly interesting on their website.

8.6.4 makes pretty everyday pieces.  The prices are reasonable.  The website has the same meticulous attention to detail and keeps you exploring.  For me, I love knowing the history behind creations.  What is so impressive is that neither Tats or Ena had any design experience before this new endeavor.  Tats produced commercials and Ena was a sushi chef.  After a move from Hawaii to New York, they decided to leave their careers behind and to try something new.  It is obvious that Tats and Ena have a natural sense of style, a passion and a commitment to the goods that 8.6.4 creates.  Love it!

Love the playful spin on a pearl
The K-03 ring
Pick your color

Photos from 8.6.4 website.

Sweet Little Ones on My Mind

Funny how special people, places, and curiosity can subconsciously draw your eye to something.   I enjoy strolling the city.   Sometimes I pop into places to take a peek with no mission.  Mostly I gravitate to small, owner operated shops but large, grand department stores also have their special place and purpose.  Since starting this blog,  I have been looking back at photos that I have taken on my iPhone.  I have rounded up a fun collection of gift ideas for young hearts.  I have four darling little nieces, two handsome little nephews, one adorable son, and lots of sweet girls and boys in my life.  So that explains it!  xo

Favorite activity of the holiday season!
Oh Panda
Little hands, little mouths (Willey Boston)
Guess What I'm Doing?
Look at me! (MFA)
Little Friends
Little friends for those little hands (Willey Boston)
Tiny Ones
Awwww (Portobello Road)
The stork! (Gray Mist)
Happy Mouse
A sweet friend to take along on the adventure
Learning Center
Fun ways to learn (MIT)
The Future
I am a robot
Big Girls
Arm fun (Covet +  Lou)
Fun Accessories
Blast off ! Love these pin accessories (Gray Mist)
Sweet Finds
Vroom Vroom
Special collections
Love the idea of creating a gift that becomes a forever gift

Shops to think about popping into when you are in Boston: ICA Boston, MFA, Portobello Road, Covet + Lou, Tiffany & Co., MIT Museum and Willey Boston.  All of them have a wonderful selection of children’s gifts.