Hair Ties

Hair ties, typically scattered from handbags to the everything drawer but never on hand when you need one.  They will never go out of style.  The other day, I noticed a friend wearing a silk bow tie scrunchie.  It was a sweet twist that looked chic not to mention kind on the hair.  Check out Silke London (also check out their very cool head wraps!) and Slip for new alternatives that won’t break or damage your hair.  Plus bows are so trendy at the moment!       

The Extras

It all works and you won’t be a walking trend.  No fuss accessories that will give your wardrobe a refresh.  A bit of color doesn’t hurt anyone.  I know that black is so easy but so is adding a little color.  The wrap is your base to work around.  Underneath it I would wear neutrals consisting of a couple of layers (denim tuxedo and a cozy cardigan or jacket).  Accessories that have complementing colors will give you a look that is a bit more interesting but not so obvious.  Accessories are an easy way to express your own personal style.

Isabel Marant Lipstick, Jennifer Behr Bow, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, Wandler Tote, Alexander McQueen Scarf, The Row’s Cape, Haskell Eyeglasses by Warby Parker 

French Twist

Super fan of this cool girl clean look!  Sylvain Le Hen from France is designing sleek hair accessories that will delight your eyes.  They are minimalistic and beautifully crafted.  Who knew hair accessories could take on an architectural vibe?  Subtle, bold, clean, and utilitarian all come to mind when I see these art forms disguised as hair clips.  Sylvain Le Hen hair accessories would make for a lovely gift.  I am asking Santa for the red raw band.  I have the disc and long clip.  Hopefully Santa reads my blog! (all images from Sylvain Le Hen)  For a local US online retailer with the most selection head to Founders & Followers.

Wrap It Up!

isostilo style

Any excuse to not give much effort to your hair.  Summer gives you permission to be free from the blow dryer.  Summer temps, humidity, and sunblock create a no win situation for most women.  So forget about it!  Try getting creative with bandanas and turban inspired hair pieces.  They will do the trick.  They are fun options and effortless in comparison to the alternative.  Check out the following for inspiration: JCrew, Anthropologie, Madewell, and for the price of a fancy frock check out Hermes!!

A Touch Of Girliness

Here is a trend that I am playing with at the moment.  I don’t wear earrings much and don’t like to fuss with my hair (lazy girl).  Adding sparkly clips, colorful headbands, and printed scarves creates an effortless look.  Candy colored accessories are everywhere!  Bye Bye Beanie!

Sending you my round-up of inspiration !

Fancy Clips

I Was Never Successful At Pulling Off The Comb But Let Me Try Again ( Peek At The Playful Socks)

Short Hair, Long Hair, They Work !

Glam For The Hair

In This Case, The More Sparkle The Better

Wrap It Up! I Have Always Been A Huge Fan Of Head Scarves

Easy Peasy

Pick One

Oh Marni!

If I Where An Earring Girl, I Would Wear These With My Track Pants, T-Shirt And A Fancy Clip

isostilo has done some online hunting.  Head to Anthropologie if you are digging this post.  I hope you find a style that works for you.  xo