Revisiting Tie Dye

Embrace tie-dye because it’s in full force on the runways.  If you care to invest in a piece then I suggest you do so now and wear it straight through summer.  Not all tie-dye pieces will have you on board with this trend.  But here are few selections that can easily be worked into a wardrobe.  Maybe one piece would be fun to play with.  The Raquel Allegra (California-based designer with an interesting approach to everyday wear) jumpsuit piqued my interest.  It also checks the box for both trends:  jumpsuit + tie-dye.  Brace yourself, the cost of tie-dye is shockingly expensive!   

Jonathon Simkhai denim, Raquel Allegra jumpsuit, DSQUARED denim shirt, Jerome Drefus clutch bag, Diesel Black Gold dress, Raquel Allegra blue pink dress, MM6 t shirt (subtle, I like it), PSWL short sleeve poplin shirt

The Extras

It all works and you won’t be a walking trend.  No fuss accessories that will give your wardrobe a refresh.  A bit of color doesn’t hurt anyone.  I know that black is so easy but so is adding a little color.  The wrap is your base to work around.  Underneath it I would wear neutrals consisting of a couple of layers (denim tuxedo and a cozy cardigan or jacket).  Accessories that have complementing colors will give you a look that is a bit more interesting but not so obvious.  Accessories are an easy way to express your own personal style.

Isabel Marant Lipstick, Jennifer Behr Bow, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, Wandler Tote, Alexander McQueen Scarf, The Row’s Cape, Haskell Eyeglasses by Warby Parker 

Color Blocking Totes

totes totes

Make room for another tote bag!  The Aiko Tote is a beautifully crafted bag made from German merino wool felt.  The Aiko Tote comes in four stunning color blocks that will compliment all personal styles.  A bag that is up for any adventure or errand.  The Aiko sets itself apart with its soft vegetable dyed leather trim and handle, an interior zip pocket, as well as an open interior pocket.  So need to worry where you will stash your keys, loose credit cards, and other essentials.  It is all in the details!  Just take a look at their attention to the interior label.  This Los Angeles based company is led by Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz.  They have combined their Japanese and German influences with a Southern Cali lifestyle to create distinct pieces driven by high quality materials.  All pieces are designed, produced, and shipped from their home base of Los Angeles.

graf lantz graf lantz

The beauty of using German merino wool felt: biodegradable, water-resistant, renewable, and sustainable

pics from graf lantz

Art or Object or Both With Cult Gaia

isostilo is hunting and sharing!  Los Angeles based company, Cult Gaia will have you swooning for one of their timeless handbags.  The Ark is their iconic statement piece that is taking social media by storm.  A semi circular bamboo bag that can take you from day to evening with just your essentials.  The Ark is offered in multiple sizes and colors.  It’s versatile enough to swing beyond your warm destination holidays.  Cult Gaia is taking handbags in a refreshing new direction.  This bag is both object and art!

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia

Finding classic pieces that become forever pieces for your wardrobe should make you look twice.  Simplicity doesn’t mean boring.  You want pieces that fold effortlessly into your lifestyle but reflect your personal style.  Less is more with the Ark (that also goes for what you choose to carry inside this beauty).  Check out more styles from Cult Gaia.

One Pair of Pants 2 Ways OOTD

A pre Memorial Day rule breaker but when you love something there are no rules!

isostilo style

Beacon Hill Garden Tour

Hitting the streets with my gal pal to explore the hidden gems of Beacon Hill. Going bright with a crisp full leg cord trouser paired with a playful navy sweater from Comme des Garcons (a year round piece). Nike Air Max sneakers because who doesn’t wear sneakers these days but also perfect for marching the streets and climbing stairs to view the lovely gardens.  Also CPW is looking pretty good.  I love to be hands free so my Bottega Veneta is really in the mix these days.  Casual afternoon attire with no fuss to enjoy a happy spring day with a friend!

isostilo style

Part 2: With a small window of time to freshen up my look before heading out for an evening with some sweet mamas from my son’s school.  I swapped out the sweater but kept the navy look because I was digging the blue and white combo.  A quick change into a short sleeve solid navy t-shirt and an oversized navy blazer with white dots from Maison Kitsune.  Added a pink lippy for a pop of color to my face.

isostilo style
Marni Marni Marni! A forever piece that will be on repeat.

Mama’s new Marni bag from Mother’s Day.  This clutch was made for me!  When your boys know your style you just get giddy with excitement especially when it is totally unexpected with NO HINTS!  Ready for the night with the just the essentials.  xo

FYI I am a big believer in wearing pieces over and over again.  I love occasionally adding a new piece into the mix.  Life is busy enough and getting dressed should be fun, easy, and no stress!


Feel Good About Your Basket and Net Bags!

Basket bags mean one thing: ease!  They are a perfect classic summer accessory.  A bag that will compliment your nautical or city style.  When the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms begin to bloom, start preparing yourselves for warmer days and lighter accessories.  Straw bags can range from simple to well decorated.  They also come in every handbag style.  These simple and functional bags set the tone for a laid back, easygoing vibe that we all tend to favor during the summer months.   Baskets bags are fun, versatile, and perfect for strolling around a seaside village or walking around a farmers market.

Basket Bag
Found a gem when I was in Florida.

Basket Bags
Colorful handmade baskets.

Basket Bags
The baskets are made from river grass and have leather wrapped handles for durability and comfort.

Handmade Baskets
Johns Jungle African Market Baskets sell beautiful handmade basket bags from Ghana

These beautiful handmade baskets are made with love from the women of the Bolgatanga communities trying to make a difference for themselves and their families.  The funds from these bags help provide health care, school supplies, and community buildings for the weavers and their families.   The baskets are stunning in person and no two are identical.  Truly works of art!  Please check out Johns Jungle African Market Baskets  if you fancy a basket bag or baskets for your home.

Net Bag
A sweet little something for your essentials!

Net Bag
Net bags are eco-friendly, simple, useful, and inexpensive

Net bags are all the rage!  Time to get on board with this trend.  They are a perfect city bag alternative for holding just your essentials.  The net bag makes for a great last minute accessory to throw in your suitcase for a weekend away.  An easy way to have some fun with a trending piece.  My hot pink find costs $12.00! You can opt for a fancy designer stamped one or anything in between.  But we can’t ignore how fun they are for summer!

Summer Essentials
Ready for summer!

Hands up for earth and wallet friendly purchases!  They both are on trend (bonus).  I love them for their care free nature.  They are isostilo style!   Time to swing into longer and lighter days!

Check out Eco Bags for inexpensive options for the string bag.

Like A New Bag Is Necessary?!

Maybe…  I really don’t need one but why not take a peek.  Basket bags, net bags, and fancy bags are all catching everyone’s eye.  Handbags are a great way to add that one piece to freshen up your style especially with spring on the horizon.  You want to feel lighter and carefree.  For me, I want to carry my essentials: sunnies, iPhone, wallet, lippie, keys, sunblock, and my small note pad (yes, I know I can take notes on my iPhone).  Shedding layers is a gal’s spring goal so why not begin with an accessory that we don’t leave home without.  I am a bit of a bag lady and have collected some classic style handbags over the years.  But now I am hunting for a minimal, nondescript, and fuss free handle carrying accessory that is not a luxury piece.  It needs to fold into my lifestyle without defining my look.   A fun bag that has me swinging with a smile on a sunny day.  So I hit the shops for some inspiration.  Check out these beauties that are currently trending.  For now I will be toting around my recycled cotton patterned bags from cool shops that I have visited during my travels.  Stayed tuned for what isostilo ends up sporting for spring and summer if at all anything!

Bag It
Small but packs a punch

Bag It
Stunning, effortless, and perfect paired with a simple outfit

Bag It
Heading to lunch with a pop

Bag It
An Ikea upgrade but pay a fortune for it

Bag It
Nothing but net baby

Bag It
Day to evening

Bag It
A color for every mood and just for my essentials

Bag It
Have some fun with your style

Just when you need that little something to swing and check out the neck candy