The Extras

It all works and you won’t be a walking trend.  No fuss accessories that will give your wardrobe a refresh.  A bit of color doesn’t hurt anyone.  I know that black is so easy but so is adding a little color.  The wrap is your base to work around.  Underneath it I would wear neutrals consisting of a couple of layers (denim tuxedo and a cozy cardigan or jacket).  Accessories that have complementing colors will give you a look that is a bit more interesting but not so obvious.  Accessories are an easy way to express your own personal style.

Isabel Marant Lipstick, Jennifer Behr Bow, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, Wandler Tote, Alexander McQueen Scarf, The Row’s Cape, Haskell Eyeglasses by Warby Parker 



All eyes when something hails from Amsterdam and made in Italy.  Hello WANDLER!  For the past year or so isostilo has been following and admiring the cool as hell handbags you are delivering.  So refreshing to see a new spin on classic shapes and styles.  Most of all COLOR!  Hallelujah for the risk takers that crave a bit of something different and unique.  Luxury, chic, and a bit outside the box.  You are rocking my world.  Never too early to start a Christmas wish list!  All pics from WANDLER . BTW four times a year a collection is released so you are bound to fall in love with one of WANDLER’s gems.