Southern Cali Cool Starts With A Fresh Lid

Rockin a flat bill
All in the details

Disregard the current weather on the East coast!  Here is something that rain, snow, or sunshine can’t prevent this accessory from being sported!  Hats are not just an after thought.  They are the final touch of style that you choose carefully.  Melin, a company from Southern California is delivering style, function, and cool as hell hats.  This find goes to my 10-year-old son who was hunting for a flat bill hat.  Melin is innovative and hitting every detail.  The Amphibian, the hat that my son decided with conviction was his to own is designed with the same attention to detail as one might compare to a sports car’s interior.  It is ready to perform!  The materials are a combination of neoprene, perforated tech suede, a moisture wicking lining, and the list goes on.  One may say over kill and too pricey for a hat.  But you could say the same over a fancy scarf (cough, Burberry).  The Amphibian will float and stand up to any elements with no sign of wear and tear.  This hat line doesn’t disappoint.   isostilo is totally digging Melin and you should check it out.

Found at Blueline Surf & Paddle Co. and modeled by Aleisi, who is rocking  The Amphibian 24/7 except to school with the fear of loosing it.

Looking ahead to his next adventure with the Amphibian


Brackish for The Dapper

Brackish!  I walked by a glass case in the Town Pool holiday pop up shop.  My eyes were immediately attracted to the striking colors that seemed to glisten in their case from the natural light beaming into the store.  Inside the case were beautiful feathered bow ties.  Each one unique and one of a kind.  I snapped a few pics and when I returned home, I needed to learn more.  The company is called Brackish.  They are located in Charleston, South Carolina.  What I discovered that made these beautiful bow ties even more attractive was the history behind the company.  The company was founded by two best friends, Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner, who collaborated together on an idea.  Jeff wanted the perfect groomsmen gifts which lead to the bow ties.  What they deliver is artistry and redefining a tradition.  The bow ties are created by hand from carefully selected feathers allowing each bow tie to be one of a kind. Every wrap is hand stitched and sewn taking four to five hours to deliver a perfect bow tie. The result looks more like art work than a clothing accessory.  Each one is thoughtfully presented in its own small wooden box branded with the Brackish label.  Truly a special gift for a special man in your life!  A gift that comes with a story, isostilo style!

For that special someone!

Fun find : They also offer ladies loafers!

Piece of mind fact: Brackish collects most of their feathers during the birds’ molting process and promises NO HARM EVER to a bird.