A New Generation, A New Take

For the long weekend! Rosalía, the Spanish singer, songwriter, and record producer with flamenco as her inspiration. She artfully folds in her urban style that breaks the rules of the traditional style most associate with flamenco. Rosalía makes it her own and it certainly represents a new generation. She is taking the world by storm. AMAZING! BOLD! SENSATIONAL!


Here is a little something to keep you current in the music department. I saw this on a friend’s social feed and it instantly made me laugh. Lizzo brings down the house with her recent VMA performance. This may not be appreciated by all my followers but hey that is ok. Lizzo is proud, confident, and speaking her mind. Isn’t she fabulous?! You will love it!

Listening To

So good! Billie Eilish is getting lots of air time in my house and in my car. Add her tracks to your playlist. Give it a listen. The bad guy video is so weird, a bit dark but also funny. She has a massive following and to many a style icon with her baggy street style. All at the age 17!

bad guy

Weekend Download!

New to my playlist.  Heard this song from Jenny Lewis streaming from my husband’s office.  She rocks and you won’t be disappointed.  Jenny Lewis is reflecting and reveals nostalgia.  It is her life beating along with its past and present at the forefront.  The beat draws you in while the lyrics are raw and deep.  Afternoon tunes that can be played in the background.  isostilo is a fan and totally digging her vibe.

Super Bowl Sunday or Any Other Day

Any excuse to make guacamole!  Today is the day for the Pats and all their fans! Here is my contribution to the day.  I am dicing, mashing, and squeezing while grooving to the tunes of The War On Drugs.  An absolute favorite band of mine (I could go on and on about my obsession with this band and please don’t turn it off).  A perfect start to my Sunday!

8 Ingredients

mashed/cubed avocados, chopped cilantro, diced red onion, diced jalapeno, minced garlic

squeezed limes, ground cumin, and salt


The War On Drugs
currently playing!

Such A Fan



Spotify + BORNS = Repeat Please

Garrett Borns
Rocking a Gucci suit with the contrasting classic web stripes (Give me the jacket!)

Loving every song and every beat.  It is electric, groovy, sexy, and dreamy.  Borns newest album, Blue Madonna is all about love and romance.  It is so 60s and 70s baby!  The Gucci suit says it all!  The Michigan native, Garrett Borns is touring and selling out.  I will be seeing him at the House of Blues in Boston on February 11th (Valentine’s Day gift is coming early:).  I’m hooked and reading up on this hot 20 something year old that is having his much deserved moment in the spot light.  Check out this article from Nylon.


BTW when Garrett Borns moved to LA, he moved into a tree house which became his permanent home.  Need I say more?!  Fascinating!

Photo credit: Official Website of BORNS